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Four Quarters is an Interfaith Sanctuary of earth-based religion - a church whose spirituality is shaped by its members and volunteersWe welcome all earth-based spiritualities and celebrate all genders as sacred expressions of the spiritual. We hold regular spiritual observances that are free and open to all called Moon Services in recognition of that most basic natural cycle, which are held on the Saturday closest to the Full or New Moons.

Our Moon Services are the core of our egalitarian approach to spiritual community, where volunteers prepare and serve our Saturday evening church supper and lead us in ritual. By signing up to lead a service and inviting others to help, we grow in our own spirituality, contribute to the diversity of beliefs that make Four Quarters an interfaith organization, and build relationships with each other and the Land. This practice of open leadership has been our tradition for over twenty-five years of of Church Services.

In addition to sharing the gift of Spirit in our Moon Services, we share gifts of Sustenance, Fellowship and Gratitude through our Church Suppers. These meals are usually served before ritual, have both an omnivore and a vegetarian option, and is prepared by volunteers Giving Service to the community in this special way.

We invite YOU to bring your own traditions to a church service at Four Quarters! Cook, offer ritual, or do both!

It’s a great way to meet people and get involved! There are no pre-requisites or requirements for the type of Service; all volunteers are welcomed; help is available to any who ask! Just send an e-mail to the 4QF Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 814-784-3080. If you have any questions, reach out to the Moon Service Volunteer Coordinator Carrie Krystek at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Church Services and Suppers are free to all; donations welcomed.
* Please note that some Moon Services require event registration.

♦   We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting monthly Misas to honor our beloved departed.   ♦
Misas will be held on Friday nights of Moon Service weekends at 7:00 pm in the Loft.
Pamela Alexander, In Service.

Lughnasadh 4

January 15: Full Moon Service
Please join us in the afternoon, 4pm, for our January Moon Service - a Sacred Pipe Ceremony and songs to pray for good health and good things to come for the coming year. All are welcome. Church Supper immediately follows.
In Service: Kurt Griffith

Kitchen Service: Tom Blackhawk

February 19: Full Moon Service
Join us in a very special Moon Service as we honor Obatala, Lord of the White Cloth. Obatala is an Orisha of the African Diaspora. We will honor Him in the traditions of Cuban Santeria with offerings of food and fruits sacred to Him. Obatala is Chief of the cool Orishas. He is responsible for the law, the sculpting of humans, care of the disabled and elderly, and all matters concerning wisdom.
Your hosts will be two Santeras, high priestesses of Cuban Santeria, Oshun Kayode and Eguin Collarde.
Dinner will be served at 5 pm
Moon Service will be at 7 pm in the Loft
In Service: Pam Alexander and Fanny Trump
Kitchen Service: Pam Alexander and welcome helpers!

March 19: Equinox & Full Moon Service
Ostara is one of the two balance points of the year. Day and night are equal. It’s the beginning of Spring, the renewal of the promise of Life. Energies that have lain dormant through the cold and dark are emerging. It’s a liminal time, a threshold time, neither dark nor light ascendant, yet we are heading toward more light.

The Stones Are...neither dark OR light, good OR evil, life OR death. They are All of these things, They are What we need them to be, When we need them to be...they are there for us. At this time of balance between day and night, dark and light, death and life, we will formally welcome Our Lost Stone into our Sanctuary, into our Church. For in this liminal space, this Stone can be reminded how to be All for Everyone.Ceremony at 4, followed by Church Supper.
In Service: Kailin Miller & Carrie Krystek
Kitchen Service: Tom Blackhawk

April 16: Full Moon Service
Join us as we mow, trim, and awaken the Hilltop Labyrinth from its Winter Sleep, and prepare the Sweat Lodge site for this season’s ceremonies. Sacred work done together, for all those Seeking Inspiration. After our work is complete, we will Journey together to Bless the Work of our Hands...
In Service: Carrie Krystek, Sweat Lodge Team
Kitchen Service: Volunteer needed: Interested? Contact the 4QF Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 814-784-3080

May 14, 2022: Full Moon Service
3:00 pm (please, carefully note this unusual start time)
Location: Dining Pavilion
Join us we explore both the spell and the craft of 'spellcraft.' This is a hands on Moon Service where we will be making and blessing magical talismans which we will aim to manifest the highest self. Full Moon in Scorpio. Intriguing, right? To learn what this means, attend the Moon Service...
Please note the first half of this Moon Service is the simple crafting of an object. Even though the crafting is not challenging, it does require time. Once the objects are crafted, there will be a ceremony to enchant the magical objects. We estimate that this ceremony, in its entirety will take between 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes.
In Service: Mary Murphy and Pamela Alexander
Kitchen Service: Mary Murphy and Pamela Alexander

May 27-30: 4Q Open House and Sweat Lodge Teachings Weekend
For those who wish a deeper exposure to the practice and traditions of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we are offering an extended weekend immersed in Sweat Lodge. This weekend offers you an intimate opportunity to learn and work with the Sweat Lodge, allowing participants to gather a deeper appreciation and understanding of these sacred ways.

June 18: Full Moon & Summer Solstice Service
Join us for our celebration of the Summer Solstice and help us welcome the Summer!
Summer is a comin’ in and winter’s gone away. May Summer Solstice Sunrise greet you on the lush green of the Mountain!
In Service: Carrie Krystek
Kitchen Service: Beth Thomas and Tom Blackhawk

July 16: Full Moon Service
Join us under the evening sky in the Stone Circle as we celebrate the magic of a Full Moon in Capricorn. We will offer a traditional Wiccan Moon Full Moon rite exploring the bounty of Summer and the gifts of the Tarot. We hope you can join us as we gather 'pearls of wisdom' from the Bounteous Realms. (updated 6/24/2022)
Church Supper Time: 6:00 pm - In Camp Kitchen/Dining Pavillon
Moon Service Time: 7:30 pm in the Stone Circle, rain or shine!
In Service: Pamela Alexander, Michel Lehmuller, Kailin Miller
Kitchen Service: Pamela Alexander, Michel Lehmuller

August 13: Full Moon Service
As the summer draws to a close, the Full Moon in August has many names which are inspired by various crops that can be harvested in August: Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Wheat Cut Moon, Blueberry Moon, Fruit Moon, Barley Moon and the Moon When All Things Ripen all relate to the start of the Harvest Season.
The Old Farmer's Almanac calls it the Sturgeon Moon, as it was a good time to fish the sturgeon in the Great Lakes when they were abundant. The Algonquian-speaking peoples and colonists in northeastern North America used this name, as sturgeon are native to both Europe and the Americas.

The many names for the same event helps us understand how personal perspectives influence our celebration of spirit, and why we embrace an Interfaith path here at Four Quarters.
Church Supper Time: 5:00 pm
Moon Service Time: 6:30 pm in the Stone Circle
First Harvest Celebration: Zucchini boats, marinated cucumber tomato salad, fresh peaches over angel food cake! 
In Service: Beth Thomas
Kitchen Service: Beth Thomas Church Supper helpers welcomed!

September 10: Full Moon Service
This Moon Service is a Christian worship, devotion and experience to share with all. Basic scripture readings and meaning for better understanding will be discussed, group prayers for healing, and time for individual reflection.This service will be at 7pm in the Stone Circle.
In Service: Pati'
Kitchen Service: Pati'

October 8: Full Moon Service
Schutzenfest: A traditional German Fall holiday celebrating the Arts of The Target!
Moon Service: Join Walter and friends as he recounts his experience during the Full Moon before Samhain, and why it is a Sacred Time for him. Almost 30 years ago, he and a friend were invited to join a circle by some unusual beings. This will be a telling of the story, and hopefully a recreation of it.
In Service: Walter Bachteler
Kitchen Service: Walter and JoAnn Bachteler

November 5: Full Moon Service
National Native American Heritage Month during November celebrates the diverse and rich culture, history, and traditions of Native people. The observance is also a time to educate anyone and everyone about the different tribes, raise awareness about the struggles native people faced as well as in the present. American Indian pictures, words, names, and stories are a crucial part of American history and help mold our life today.

Thousands of years before Christopher Columbus and his crews landed their ships in the Bahamas, the Native Americans had cultivated lives and communities here. Native American history overflows with a variety of diverse indigenous groups and prominent leaders and figures like Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Sacagawea, and Pocahontas. Native Americans were always known for hard work and quick instinct. Today, there are about 4.5 million Native Americans in the United States, making about 1.5 percent of our population.
In Service: Tom Blackhawk
Kitchen Service: Tom Blackhawk

December 10: Full Moon and Winter Solstice Service
Celebrate with us the rebirth of the Sun; Share with us the works of your Hands, Heart and Spirit.
Exchange with us Gifts of Love and Laughter, and Remember with us that the Wheel does turn, and soon the Sun’s light will once again warm our faces. Come and celebrate the return of the Light in the heart of Darkness.
In Service: Carrie Krystek and Friends
Kitchen Service: Carrie Krystek and Friends