Samhain at Four Quarters

Friday October 29th - Sunday October 31st, 2021


The Stones stand tall, holding vigil as night falls.
The Ancestors' Crypt is open, lit by candles and steeped in memory.
We stand together, in Circle, and we remember...

It is now the time of Transition; the start of the Dark Time of the year when the veil is thin.
A traditional time of remembering All Those Who Have Gone Before and honoring their lives.

The times have been challenging of late.
Political unrest, health threats, economic woes and many other things too numerous to list have caused us all sorrow.

Join us as we solemnly observe Samhain and find ways to express our sorrow together, while also celebrating Life, Fellowship and Community in turn. By allowing space for Sorrow and Peace, we hope to encourage Healing, Catharsis...and perhaps Hope.

Highlights from 2020...

  • As we gather on Friday, we Welcome each other Home and work together to create Altars to our Ancestors.
  •  >>  Everyone is welcome to place a picture or token of your beloved departed on the Altar at any time.
  • On Friday night we Honor our Ancestors and ask if they have wisdom to share in these Challenging Times.
  • Later, we gather together to share stories, songs, chants and to drum and dance in honor of Those Who Have Gone Before.
  • On Saturday we learn new things together and create tools and mementos for the Harvest Season.
  • We will share ways that we process and grow from grief, and then reflect during a Healing Labyrinth Walk.
  • There will be time for meditation, reflection, and prayer and purification at the Sweat Lodge.
  • In the last hours of daylight, we Feast together to celebrate Living in the Moment, to appreciate the sacredness of Life.
  • After sunset, we come together to Share our Sorrow, knowing the Stone Circle to be a safe place to seek Catharsis.
  • We will Listen to the Wisdom of Those Who Have Gone Before, and Share Sustenance and Fellowship around the Hearth Fire.
  • Those who wish can seek answers using Divination tools and work with experienced Diviners.
  • On Sunday, we will share our love with each other, having learned that a sorrow shared is halved, and love shared is doubled.

2020 Schedule
(as of October 29, 2020)

Friday afternoon
- Workshop: Expressing grief via positive creativity
- Craftworkings I - Ritual tools for the season
- Ancestor Altar set up: Everyone is welcome to place a picture or token of your beloved departed on the Altar at any time.

Friday evening
- Ritual: Misa Espirituales - Seeking Guidance from our Ancestors and Those Who Have Gone Before
- Sharing Social Circle: Sharing of stories, songs, chants and drumming and dancing in honor of Those Who Have Gone Before.

Saturday Morning:
- Craftworkings II - Ritual tools for the season:
- Workshop: Growing with Grief: Creation from Death
- Meditative Labyrinth Walk ritual: The Healing Journey Labyrinth
All abilities welcome; shorter routes and seating for those with limited mobility

Saturday Afternoon:
- Sweat Lodge: an opportunity for meditation, reflection, prayer and purification
- Tour of Four Quarters: Find the hidden sacred sites  
- Prepare for feast: set up and decorate - Volunteers welcome!
- Prepare Stone Circle for ritual - Volunteers welcome!

Interested in serving the community?
Helpers will be needed to prepare/set up for the Feast and Ritual.
Stop by the Coffee Dragons to Volunteer!

Saturday Evening:
- Feast for the Living: To celebrate our Beloved Dead, by experiencing Life in the Moment. 
- Main Ritual: Out of the Darkness of Death, Life Will Continue
- Hearth Fire Circle: Sharing Sustenance, Stories, Singing, Drumming, Dancing, Storytelling
- Divination in the Moonlight

Sunday Morning:
- Giving Thanks to our Ancestors
- Helping with Sweat Lodge tear down

As always, everything is subject to change, due to the needs of ceremony, the whims of weather, and the antics of mischievous gods. Updates will be posted as they occur.

Register On-Line

Event Cost:
$45 for Members

$55 for Non-Members
The Saturday evening Feast of the Dead is included in your registration.
To Register, visit our Shopping Cart above or call the Office: 814-784-3080

About Lodging at Four Quarters - A limited number of private rooms are available for rent. Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows. During events rooms must be booked for the duration of the event; you must call the office 814-784-3080 for reservations.

   “Let us make future generations remember us as proud ancestors just as, today, we remember our  forefathers.”

– Roh Moo-hyun

The Labyrinth

Our work will include joining the crews at the Labyrinth to set more curbstones, for this living structure is a gateway into ourselves and the Otherworld. We welcome all, especially new builders, to come participate in building and walking this 84 foot diameter labyrinth. Come prepared to work in the dirt! Bring work gloves, sturdy shoes, rugged clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and a water bottle. To walk our labyrinth is to walk a purposeful path – no obstacles, no puzzles – inward to the center, then outward into the world.

Griffith LabApr2019 6603 1200crop3The Labyrinth, showing the most recent pathway stones.



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