Four Quarters is a Membership driven non-profit.

What does that mean? Simple actually. If it happens, it's because our Members make it happen.

Everything at Four Quarters happens because of our Member Volunteers, Member Staff and Live-in Staff. From creating the content for our publications, maintenance and construction of our facilities, to creating the content for our events. People see a need, feel the call and make it happen.

Active participation has been our tradition since the very beginning of Four Quarters way back in 1994. Back in those early and very difficult days it was not uncommon for Members to arrive with gifts of clothing and food for our few Live-in Staff, boxes of nails and the odd piece of office equipment. In 1997 we began our twice a month Moon Services, and they have always been lead by Member Volunteers sharing their own sense of Spirituality with each other.

Our events are organized and planned by Member Planning Groups, who gently encourage (strong arm and hector) their fellow Members to contribute their own content, decorations, skills and creative energy. This extends even to outside events that reserve the Camp, and are supported by the participation of Members who have a particular attraction for that event.

Many of the improvements in Camp began because a group of Members raised money amongst themselves and then challenged The Board of Directors to make good on their initiative. Or met together during a work weekend to hammer, saw and pound nails. Or created a donations campaign to fund a need they clearly saw.

Four Quarters is open to almost any kind of volunteering in almost any form. If you have a skill, an interest, or a resource; it is likely to find a home here on The Land. In fact, without our Member Volunteers, Four Quarters would simply cease to be!
        Who are the people who work long hours preparing the Feast of The Standing Stones? Volunteers.
        Who built that incredible black light Dream Catcher you saw at the music festival? A Volunteer.
        Who built the riverside Altar and lead the ceremonial workshop there at Drum & Splash. Volunteers. 
        Who is raising funds and building the Labyrinth on the Hilltop? Volunteers. 
        Who wrote these words and created this web page? A Volunteer.

So take the plunge and join in. Sign up to lead a Moon Service. Get involved with the Planning Group for your favorite event, or offer to help with set up and tear down. Like the smell of fresh saw dust? ....have we got the job for you! Sign in to The Four Quarters Community Forum and join one of the special interest groups, or create one of your own.

And consider, please consider, making a small monthly gift through our electronic donations program. It is the monthly giving of your fellow Members that has put our Land into perpetual trust and secured it for the future.