Kids Tribe!

Celebrating Our
Twentieth Year!

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From our inception in 1995, Four Quarters has always seen children as our bridge to the future. If you are in the business of building Stone Circles, you learn to think in the long term.

And we feel it is important that all of us take responsibility for the children, for we all have a role to play in nourishing their growth. Both as one time children and as parents ourselves. Especially important at Four Quarters are the contributions of our Gay and Lesbian Members, and others who by choice or circumstance do not themselves have children. For they are the Aunts and Uncles of our extended family, and theirs is an honored part of our tradition.

Kids1 In our early years, we always maintained a large children's care and programming track at Four Quarters, and it was well received. But as time went by the number of children at our gatherings increased while their attendance in child care decreased. It seemed that as we grew and evolved the community of Members and Guests were naturally taking on these responsibilities, far better than we ever could.

And so a phenomena was born that has since been named "The Kids Tribe." They bound through the woods and always seem to know who has the hot dogs.

We have been here long enough now, that we have seen the chubby child grow into adulthood. We have married the couple that met at a Drum Circle and then passed their new baby through the Mother Stone...  and into the arms of our community. And that child now plays and runs in the sunlight of the High Meadow.

In a few more years to learn and love for themselves; and take their own place in the Web of Life.