We really appreciate all the support we recieve throughout the year.  Many times folks ask us what do we need or what would we like.  Below is a list of some things we have come up with that we normally do not buy - some are real treats!  Thank you!

Info for shipping:

Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary

190 Walker Lane

Artemas PA  17211


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Eight O'Clock Coffee Original Whole Bean

Warm Socks (Wool socks are a special treat!)

Leather Work Gloves

Cotton Kitchen Towels - Gently used okay

House Plants for the Office & Loft

Groovy, Progressive, Magazine Subscriptions

High % Cocoa Dark Chocolate (Green & Black's a fave!)

(Catharine and Orren perfer Milk Chocolate)

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate


Any goodie from Trader Joes

Lindt Chocolate

Pelegrino Water

Mail order meats, cheeses, fruits

Fish from US waters

Bacardi White

Barbancourt Rum

Coors Light (because ~em's a lightweight when it comes to beer)

12+ Year Old Single Malt Scotch

10+ Year Old Single Barrel Burbon (Eagle Rare)

Amazon Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards

Lush USA Bath Products or Gift Cards 

Unwanted 20lb Propane Tanks


Why Make a Donation?

Celebrating Our
Twentieth Year!

PA EXMP 75-538-546
FED EIN 25-1853964

A Monthly Pledge to Give
is perhaps the single most important commitment of support that can be made to ensure that Four Quarters and The Circle of Standing Stones will be held in Trust, in Perpetuity.
It's a way of walking your talk and taking a stand for something good in this world. 

And we walk our talk, too! Our financial books are open to our members, and we publish our year end numbers on this web site! Why doesn't every organization do that?

When you make a donation to Four Quarters
your gift is deposited in a bank account separate from the general revenues of Four Quarters. We set aside the funds from this account for projects that promote the long term good of Four Quarters. It was our Members documented history of regular donations that allowed Four Quarters to secure the commercial loan in 2005 that purchased the Camp. And their giving was a major factor in our retiring the mortgages on The Land in 2013

The dollar amount of individual Pledges to Give runs from $5 to $100 a month, reflecting the broad diversity of the Membership, and all are gratefully appreciated by Four Quarters. People choose to make their Pledge Annually, Quarterly or Monthly, as suits their preferences. We prefer monthly, as that best suits our accounting system, but any choice can be accommodated.

We send statements in January of the new year as acknowledgements of your tax deductible giving for use in preparing your income taxes. Most pledge makers grant us their permission to use/mention their name as being a part of the Pledge Program, we are honored to do so.

Pledges to Give have been made by Members for specific purposes, for example, sand for the Drum Circle, gravel for the roads and specific pieces of equipment. Please do contact us if you have a special need in mind.

And using our Vanco system you can combine a pledge gift with your memberships into one monthly withdrawl from your banking or credit card account. Give us a call and we can set it up.

How to make a Pledge to Give


A Pledge to Give is easy to set up.

* Just call the office with your check book or credit card in front of you. We can discuss your pledge and set it up while you are on the phone.

* Or use online shopping cart to enter your account information, dollar amount and timing of your gift. This is an encrypted form and your information will be sent to our office where we will set up your pledge.

* Paper works just fine too. If you mail in a donation check, please do write "donation" in the notes field and we will send your year end acknowledgement.


A word from Vanco Services

Vanco Services, LLC, is a financial technology company providing electronic funds transfer services for direct deposit, accounts receivable, accounts payable, as well as credit card processing. Our client base currently includes over 6,000 churches nationwide. Information provided to Vanco Services is treated with extreme respect and is used only for the services requested by our clients. We operate with the highest ethical standards and an unwavering commitment to confidentiality. Customer information is never sold, rented, or given to any other entity. We are dedicated to providing superior service through experienced and knowledgeable professionals, top quality products, and unsurpassed attention to client needs. Vanco Services, 12600 Whitewater Dr, Suite 200, Minnetonka, MN 55343

Since 2005 we have used Vanco Inc e.serviceĀ® Electronic Transfer Service to provide automatic bank account and credit card donations. Vanco works with over 6,000 churches and non-profits, allowing Members to setup automatic pledge withdrawals from their checking and credit card accounts. It costs you nothing for the service and your monthly pledge appears just like any other entry on your statement.

Amazingly, it costs Four Quarters less than the price of a postage stamp each time your pledge is transferred. So far over 2/3rds of our pledge makers use this system, and it is very popular with folks on a limited budget, as it gives a hassle free way to consistently make smaller pledges. Even $1 a month!

With the Vanco system you can set up the dollar amount to donate on the day of the month you choose ...with ease. And you can change, suspend or cancel your donation simply by calling the office. It will take place that day.

Annual Pledges
Some of our Members prefer to make their pledge as just one payment for the total amount of their yearly pledge. This works well and your pledge will be recorded and acknowledged just like any other pledge. Please though, include a note or mark your check to indicate that this is an annual pledge. Then we will be sure to properly record and acknowledge your pledge for your taxes.

One Time Special Purpose gifts
Many of the best additions to the camp happened because a member made it happen. Our very first load of white sand for the Upper Drum Circle was made possible by a one time donation of $250, specifically to purchase the sand. The geo-textile fabric and first loads of gravel for the Members Camp roads are another example where Members challenged the church to match their own special purpose gifts. If you see something that you feel Four Quarters really needs, and you are willing to fund, call the office. We will let you know what the financial limits are and will work to make your personal project a reality.

In Kind Gifts
We gladly accept gifts of stuff. Good stuff that is! If you have something that you think we would find useful, give us a call. If we can accept your gift, it will be acknowledged just like a cash gift for your year end taxes. And lots of folks make a donation of their pocket expenses for the church. Food for Moon Services, gasoline, small tools. Just make a note with your name, what was purchased and that it is a donation. Drop your note in the donation jar. We will enter it and make sure that it appears on your year end tax acknowledgement.

Four Quarters is a Membership driven non-profit.

What does that mean? Simple actually. If it happens, it's because our Members make it happen.

Everything at Four Quarters happens because of our Member Volunteers, Member Staff and Live-in Staff. From creating the content for our publications, maintenance and construction of our facilities, to creating the content for our events. People see a need, feel the call and make it happen.

Active participation has been our tradition since the very beginning of Four Quarters way back in 1994. Back in those early and very difficult days it was not uncommon for Members to arrive with gifts of clothing and food for our few Live-in Staff, boxes of nails and the odd piece of office equipment. In 1997 we began our twice a month Moon Services, and they have always been lead by Member Volunteers sharing their own sense of Spirituality with each other.

Our events are organized and planned by Member Planning Groups, who gently encourage (strong arm and hector) their fellow Members to contribute their own content, decorations, skills and creative energy. This extends even to outside events that reserve the Camp, and are supported by the participation of Members who have a particular attraction for that event.

Many of the improvements in Camp began because a group of Members raised money amongst themselves and then challenged The Board of Directors to make good on their initiative. Or met together during a work weekend to hammer, saw and pound nails. Or created a donations campaign to fund a need they clearly saw.

Four Quarters is open to almost any kind of volunteering in almost any form. If you have a skill, an interest, or a resource; it is likely to find a home here on The Land. In fact, without our Member Volunteers, Four Quarters would simply cease to be!
        Who are the people who work long hours preparing the Feast of The Standing Stones? Volunteers.
        Who built that incredible black light Dream Catcher you saw at the music festival? A Volunteer.
        Who built the riverside Altar and lead the ceremonial workshop there at Drum & Splash. Volunteers. 
        Who is raising funds and building the Labyrinth on the Hilltop? Volunteers. 
        Who wrote these words and created this web page? A Volunteer.

So take the plunge and join in. Sign up to lead a Moon Service. Get involved with the Planning Group for your favorite event, or offer to help with set up and tear down. Like the smell of fresh saw dust? ....have we got the job for you! Sign in to The Four Quarters Community Forum and join one of the special interest groups, or create one of your own.

And consider, please consider, making a small monthly gift through our electronic donations program. It is the monthly giving of your fellow Members that has put our Land into perpetual trust and secured it for the future.