August 8, 2019

Big Dubbers at StonesLilDub

    Stones Rising at Four Quarters, Labor Day Weekend
    An Invitation to our Big Dub Family

You've seen the Stone Circle and you've danced with the Standing Stones.
Four Quarters wants you to be a part of building the Circle too!

    We raise the Stones Sunday, Sept 1st;  Labor Day Weekend. We make ceremony, raise the Stones and share a great feast together, prepared by The Starvin' Artist Kitchen.
    Traditionally we don't charge for Sunday arrivals; but we do ask for a telephone RSVP and what ever donation you care to give, so that we can plan for the feast.
     This year will be an especially demanding Rising, as we are working on a set of Stones set very close to The Great North Stone. Bring your gloves and boots, and become a part of how we raise the Standing Stones! 

BookmatchedStonesThe pair of length-wise split, book matched stones. Showing their interior colors for the first time in millions of years.

   Saturday night, Aug 31st, is our Stones Eve Ceremony. This year, for the first time since 2003, the moon will be FULL DARK during Stones Rising! We intend to take advantage of that with one of the most stunning ceremonies we have created in many years.
    Join us Saturday night as we take a journey through the Land at it's darkest. We gather at the Stone Circle. A visit to the Spiral of the Labyrinth, clothed in Starlight. Across the river into The New Lands. The woodland pathways lighted by hundreds of luminaries. A walk through the Old Forest to find the Keepers of The Temple of Night.
     And as the luminaries recede, and the light fades, we will master our fear... and walk through Air and The Absolute Darkness....  to find The Temple of Light!

    Ivy sits the front desk from noon to 6pm, and she is happy to answer questions. Your Saturday arrival is $40, your Sunday RSVP is by donation. And yes, Ivy accepts credit cards by phone. Please let us know if you plan to attend!

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