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Updated 11/9/2022
Drum ’N’ Splash 2023!

Our 29th Year!

Wednesday, June 28th - Sunday, July 2nd, 2023

”Sharing the Power of the Drum and the Grace of the Dance
with the next generation of Drummers, Dancers, and Teachers”

Nothing but grattitude for our Presenters, Teachers, Drummers,
Dancers, Performers, DJs, Staff, Volunteers, and Guests
for an absolutely stellar and rockin' Drum ’N’ Splash 2022 - Ashé!!!

View the embedded image gallery online at:
       More Drum and Splash Photos From Our Archives

“Fire Circle is Sacred Space, the beating heart of our community,
something precious that glows brighter as it is shared.”

Review the Scheule for Drum 'N' Splash 2022   (PDF File 142k )
Review the 2022 Drum ’N’ Splash Program   (PDF File 5 MB )

One of Four Quarters best kept secrets, Drum and Splash is simply a Very Good Time, and a great way to Celebrate an Alternative Nation’s Birthday with Family, Friends and Tribe, with no agenda other than to Drum all Night and Swim all Day, sharing a working vision of the possible through Community, Sustainability, and Personal Responsibility. 

We have developed over the years an alternative idea of community and of the greatness of our nation, a modern day American Tribe of flourishing diversity and tolerance. A place that values family in all of its flavors and supports the family choices of each individual. Where, for a time, we can return to our human roots and take simple pleasure in simple things. Song and Dance. A swim in the river. The laughter of children. Sharing a meal under a spreading oak tree. For these are the things that are worth keeping close, and worth celebrating on this nation’s birthday.

Drum and Dance go together in a deeply symbiotic relationship that’s existed since the dawn of percussion. The Drum feeds Rhythm to the dancers, who provide Purpose for the Drum, in its  own small ecosystem of light and spirit. Beyond the Fire Circle, a parallel schedule of Dance workshops complements Drum teachings.

Since our beginning there has been a Fire Circle at Four Quarters. Once again as we celebrate Drum and Splash, we continue to dedicate ourselves to holding the Sacred Space within the Fire Circle as we focus on sharing the Power of the Drum and the Grace of the Dance with the next generation of Drummers, Dancers and Teachers who will continue to hold Sacred Space for the next 20 years of Drum and Splash and, in turn, cultivate the generations of Drummers and Dancers yet to come.

Just Some of our Presenters, Performers, and Master Teachers in 2022 !

Ken Top HatKen Crampton
Everybody Drum!

Artist, Facilitator, Event Designer and Owner has over 25 years experience in Building Community through the Rhythm and Arts. Ken has helped develop communities and events such as First Fridays (a monthly gallery hop), First Night Fredericksburg (founding member), The Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (founding director). Schools (pre through college), Libraries, Banks, Festivals, Church Retreats, Adult Care Facilities, and Corporations have all included Everybody Drum into their events as workshops, icebreakers or keynote presentations. Working with the various communities, he designs successful programs that are fun, enlightening and exciting! Ken has trained with Arthur Hull, Babatunde Olatunji, Mamady Keita, Keith Terry, Kalani and Jaqui MacMillan and is a graduate of HealthRHYTHMS, Village Music Circles, and Drum Circle Music.

NinaNina Amaya
The Kasbah!

Returning to Drum and Splash for her third year, Nina invites you to bring your instruments and dancing bodies to the Kasbah in the evenings! Nina has been studying Middle Eastern dance and rhythms for over 20 years. Her bellydance band, Brinjal, and bellydance troupe, Aubergine, as well as her stiltwalking company, Big Whimsy, have been performing for many years at Faerie Festivals, Renaissance Festivals, etc. up and down the East Coast. Before running away to create her faerie dance circus, she was a classroom teacher.www. www.

Kirsten ArantKristen Arant
The DrumLady & Friends

Kristen is a percussionist, musician, performer, arranger, teacher and organizer living and working in the Washington, DC region. Originally a classically-trained oboe player with a degree in music, she began her drumming career upon moving to Washington DC in 2000, when she helped initiate the activist drumming ensemble Rhythm Workers Union. In 2010, Kristen traveled to Ghana, West Africa via her now husband Michael Kweku Owusu, founder of Drumming Up From Poverty. Kristen leads an intergenerational, all women’s West African drumming performance troupe called the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective, and teaches a class for adult students at Roda Studio in Takoma Park, MD. Kristen has facilitated hundreds of musical experiences over the past 15 years through her energetic, spontaneous style that combines deep learning with deep “letting go,” connecting with the authentic self and transforming negative emotions into joy and exuberance through drumming and song.

Eesa Grayson 350x400Eesa Grayson & Roshad Rush
African Drum & Dance

Eesa is an all time favorite at Four Quarters, our best bad boy of the drum. Combining physically powerful drumming, high energy dance, and a teaching style that is at once open, joyous, and inviting. Eesa is Personable and Master of the 1000 Watt Smile!

Roshad made her debut as a dance workshop presenter and performer at Drum and Splash 2015. She and Eesa continue to collaborate on their very exciting drum and dance classes.

It's our great pleaure to have them both back at Drun 'N' Splash!

ErroGutshall 350x400Erro Gutshal
African Drumming

Erro Gutshall has been teaching traditional West African drumming for the past 16 years. He has been to Africa three times to travel extensively in Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Morocco to study with masters, as well as workshops with many masters here in the United States. Erro credits much of his training to Dan Trevino, since 1999. He is the founding member and creative director of “Drums of West Africa” and been performing since 2002, several times at both Penn State University and Juniata College as well as weddings and private bookings.

Erro is a past member of Nommo Performing Arts, and Barafo Drum and Dance. He has performed several times with Camara Drum & Dance including at The National Aviary and Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

billywoods Kurt SakuraTaiko 400 MelissaMurphy 302x400 ShahrazadShiraz 300x400
Bily Woods
Kurt Griffith
Melissa Murphy
Shahrazad Shiraz

Also featuring:

Harold Taddy, Ted Kato, Colin Lennox,
Mike McConnell, and the Sweat Lodge Team!

We're planning a big year for 2021 with a lot going on, and plenty to do. We’re bringing back Crowd Favorites and brining in New Presenters, More classes and workshops, and of course the solace and shelter of the Land.

Dragon Bachteler 1382 400 DnS14 SWimJJL 8041 400 HaziSimoe DS19 Fireworks01 400 Sweat2018 Griffith 4369 400
Swimmin' Hole!
Sweat Lodge

Registration Information for Drum and Splash 2023

Tickets are strictly limited.
Call our office to pre-register with your credit card
Or with your questions at 814-784-3080.
      ~  Or Register Online with our Shopping Cart.

* Member's Pre-Registration by June 17: $95
* Non-Member Guests: Wed/Thr arrival $125 by June 17; $140 at Gate
* Non-Member Guests: Fri arrival $105 by June 17; $120 at Gate
* Non-Member Guests: Sat arrival $90 by June 17; $105 at Gate
* Children under 16 are cherished and FREE!

Meal Plans, Accommodations and Facilities
The Starvin’ Artist serves Brunch and Dinner with Herbivore and Omnivore selections, all you can possibly eat, Pre-Registered only.
And our Saturday Ice Cream Social & Amazing Omni-Vegi-Vorian Block Party Feast is Free for everyone attending, you’re invited!

Dinner Weds - Sun Brunch, 7 meals & 1 feast; $105
Dinner Thurs - Sun Brunch, 5 meals & 1 feast; $75
Dinner Fri - Sun Brunch, 3 meals & 1 feast; $45
Brunch Sat - Sun Brunch, 2 meals & 1 feast; $30

Lodging at Four Quarters - is available, call the office to inquire.
Rooms have double-beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets.
During events rooms and bunks are bundled with meal plans and are booked for Wednesday thru Sunday or Friday thru Sunday.
You must call the Office to reserve. 814-784-3080.
Flush toilets and hot showers at both the Upper and Lower Shower Houses.

You are welcome to arrive before Wednesday and stay later than Sunday. Early In and Late Out camping is $10 a night for Members and $15 a night for non-members.
In-Camp Car Camping Permits are $15 each. In-Camp Car Parking passes are $25 and very limited. Unlimited free Main Parking.
Handicapped? Please contact us for your free In-Camp parking pass.

Merchant Booths are juried, pre-registered and very limited. Contact us early to merchant.

As the years have gone by, we have grown and evolved, and our experience of Fire, Drum, Dance, Ceremony, Community, and Tribe has grown and evolved also. We have come to understand that Fire Circle is Sacred Space, the beating heart of our community, something precious that glows brighter as it is shared. As we go about creating this space in a good way, we make a place of respect and of safety where the Drum supports the Dancers, the Dancers feed the Fire, and the Fire feeds us all. Inside this Sacred Space we step out of the ordinary and into our authentic selves.

Yes, Drum and Splash is all about Drumming and Splashing, but it is much more. For five days we create a village along the river, with lots to do:

Typical Weekend Highlights:

Dance and Drum Performances
Workshops with the Masters of Drum and Dance
The Middle Eastern Vibe of the Kasbah

Planned activities for the Kids’ Tribe
Fireworks, Fire Spinning, and Fire Arts
The Dragon Dance and Procession of Talent
Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Meditation, and Sacred Drum
The Body Shaking Thunder of Japanese Taiko

Percussion Plus Open Mic Coffee House
Sweat Lodge and Native Ceremonial Drum
Bathing Aphrodite Procession
The Infamous Rubber Ducky Race
All Night Fire, Dance, and Drum!!!

native sdong Enjoy the solace of The Land itself, listed as the most ecologically diverse tract in Bedford County by the Western Pennsylvania Nature Conservancy.
Swim in Sideling Hill Creek, an unspoiled treasure among Appalachian watersheds. Hemlock Hole is a spectacular swimming area, shadowed by our cliffs, cherished by young and old. And there are four other swimming holes strung along a creek-side trail.
Learn something new in one of our many engaging workshops: dancing, drumming, hooping, fire-spinning,  drum building... and so much more!relaxation
Rejuvenate in one of our classes and activities in yoga, Qi Gong, chanting, stone stacking, trance dance, sweat lodge, and journaling.
Explore the living natural history of The Land with guided hikes, nature walks, garden tours, and service projects.
Experience the magic of the performances in the Upper Drum Circle at sundown every night. Children hold the place of honor here at twilight. As the night deepens and the kids fall asleep, the serious drumming begins. And even later in the night, Pure Magic!
parachute kids Relax and vacation with your family and friends while camping under a sky full of stars, Four Quarters has over 35 acres of camping space in wooded areas, by the creekside, or in sunny meadows. DEP certified drinking water, flush toilets and hot showers complement the camping.
Participate in lively discussion or open jam at The Coffee Dragons outdoor cafe. Early morning through late night serving free coffee, tea and cocoa from their pavilion on the High Meadow. meal plan 3
Study with the Masters of Drum and  Dance in intensive free and fee paid workshops for the serious drummer and dancer.

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of many different cultures' rhythms, dances, celebrations, and ceremonies.
Re-enact the Bathing of Aphrodite, an Ancient Greek patriotic festival that parades through our village.
TeenTribe Create some extraordinary memories to take away with you and bring back to share with others in future years.
Discover the unique wares of our Merchants Green village within a village.
Compete in The Rubber Ducky Race! No “sailor” wants to miss this light-hearted note!

Witness the magic of a procession of talent at dusk, featuring an escort of fire artists, the pageantry of the dancers, the passion of the drummers, and the mystery of the Dragon Dance... building a crescendo of energy punctuated by a breath-taking fireworks display.

Our Energy Builds from Wednesday Night with the First Fire Circle leading into a Thursday and Friday filled with Workshops, Play and Performance, flowing into Saturday’s Masters Classes. The River waits cool and inviting. As Saturday evening descends, fireworks light up the Sky as our Fire Arts Procession dances the way to a Fire Circle that will Light up the Night.