Star Tendril LogoMoon Service Schedule for Fall/Winter 2017 and 2018!

Here's a listing of our Moon Services.  Dates with ceremonial volunteers have names in blue, all others are open.  Dates with Church Supper volunteers have their names in green

Want to volunteer for one of them?  Just send an e-mail to the office  <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A great way to meet people and get involved.
There are no pre-requisites for the type of Service, volunteering to be the ceremonial leader, or for cooking dinner, so sign up first and then just ask for help!


January 13 - New Moon - Iyawo and Kurt Griffith, in service
In the Kitchen: Iyawo

February 3 - Full Moon - Carol Din, in service.
In the Kitchen: Carol Din

February 17 - New Moon - Coriander Woodruff, in service.
In the Kitchen:

March 3 - Full Moon - Stone Circle Wicca 101 Class, in service
In the Kitchen: Stone Circle Wicca

March 17 - New Moon - Missy Ford, in service
In the Kitchen:

March 31 - Full Moon - Chris Engdahl & Keegan Vogl, in service
Theme: Wolf Altar Dedication

In the Kitchen: Josh Powell

April 14 - New Moon - Universal Temple of Spirits, in service.
Theme: Service for the Spirits of Community

In the Kitchen:

April 28 - Full Moon - This service occurs during Beltaine Festival

May 12 - New Moon - Aero Mulhern, in service.
Theme: Marking the Half-Century of Magic

In the Kitchen: Farm Faeries

May 26 - Full Moon - Patricia Althouse, Ocha Weye, in service
Theme:  Party for the Warriors: Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi, and Osun. Bring your drums and percussion instruments!

In the Kitchen:
This service occurs during Members Weekend

June 16 - New Moon - Happy Valley Golden Wheel, in service
Theme: Egyptian. There will also be a four part Egyptian themed solar ritual based on Liber Resh Vel Helios throughout the day.
More information (and RSVP) here
In the Kitchen: Happy Valley Golden Wheel

June 30 - Full Moon -
In the Kitchen:

July 14 - New Moon - Rosanna Tufts, in service.
In the Kitchen:

August 11 - New Moon - Sarah Bumgarner, in service
In the Kitchen:

August 25 - Full Moon - This service occurs during Stones Rising Intensive

September 8 - New Moon - Thomas Schwartzman, in service
Theme: Dependency and Recovery

In the Kitchen:

September 22 - Full - Carrie Krystek and Ivy Sturm, in service
Theme: The Sacred Supper
In the Kitchen: Carrie Krystek and willing volunteers!
This service falls during Bass Harvest. The Service is the Supper, at 6pm in the Farmhouse Kitchen.

October 6 - New Moon - Tim McClennen, in service
Theme: Honoring our Ancestors. (Please note: Ritual at 5:30 pm, Dinner at 7:00 pm)

This service falls during Schutzenfest

October 27 - Full Moon - This service occurs during Samhain Festival

November 10 - New Moon - Loki Fournier-Diaz, in service
Theme: Transgender Day of Remembrance
In the Kitchen:

November 24 - Full Moon - Carrie Krystek and Pat Perfetto, in service
In the Kitchen: Carrie Krystek and Pat Perfetto

December 8 - New Moon -
In the Kitchen:

December 22 - Full Moon - This service occurs during Yule