It is important to know that Four Quarters events are organized by our Member Planning Groups. Members who have grown to love a particular event and volunteer their time to make it happen. We do not use for profit "Production Companies," or "Famous Names" as some non-profits do. Not to make a criticism of those practices, but that's not our way.

Our way is a bit different.

e think you will notice that difference as soon as you look at our pricing. The fact that children are free at our events. That the staff who run the camp are unpaid volunteers making a gift of service.
Your invitation from a very real community of Members with deep, emotive ties to the Land ...and each other.

That said, you will find real diversity in our events. From "Stones Rising," the ceremonial core of Four Quarters and our great work of building The Stone Circle; to "Drum & Splash." Our version of a neighborhood Forth of July block party. And every thing in between. Talk to people when you visit, or call the office; and you are sure to find that first time event that will be a good fit.

We also host other spiritual organizations who use the camp for their own events. These range from week-long intensives to private family groups making private ceremony.

Lastly, we would like to point out that for most of these events; Members, Guests and folks making a first time visit to Four Quarters can camp in the Members Camp without registering for or attending that weekends event. We use the honor system and campers do have the use of the Lower Shower house during their stay.
Exceptions are Beltaine, Drum & Splash, Big Dub, Honcho, Lil' Dub, Stones Rising, Samhain and Yule.
For these events registration is required.

Do call with your questions or leave a comment on this page.

Four Quarters Event FAQ's

How can I come by to "Check it out?"
First time visitors are welcome. Just give a call ahead and we will be expecting you. If we have a moment, we like to give visitors the full walking tour. There is a lot to see.
What if I want to come for a Moon Ceremony?
Moon Services are always no charge, though feeding the donation box helps us keep the lights on and provides for our traditional Saturday evening Moon Service dinner. Non-members can camp the Moon Weekends for the $15 a night visitors grounds fee. For members it's $10.
Where do I register?
Just stop at our Farm House Office on your way in. Signs are posted and we will probably have a pot of coffee waiting. Sometimes at large events we run registration from the parking area at the top of the hill. Our signs will direct you.
Where do I set up my camp?
The East end of the High Meadow is up high and dries quick in the rain. It's a pretty area with scattered pines that overlook the creek over 200 feet below, while still being close to the center of camp.
Just to the west of Merchants Village you will find an open area bordering into tall trees. Its cool and dry, but keeps you in the heart of things.
The North Crook is considered by many to be the prettiest camping area. It always stays cool and is bordered by a long stretch of the creek. It is also where the Lower Shower House is located.
The Big Bottom Members Camp is the largest and most varied, sharing both hillside and flat bottomland, and bordered by the Hemlock Hole. It is where our Members have their seasonal camps. Guests are welcome on weekends.
Take a slow drive along the camp road and pick out what suits you best.
Are there any areas were I should not camp?
Yes, the Stone Circle, Drum Circle, Sweat Lodges and the Fairy Cairn are all sacred sites. Likewise the area in front of the Main Stage west through the Merchants Village is public area. We strongly discourage camping in the public area of the Hemlock Hole. It's all pretty obvious when you see our signs.
But I have a friend who is a Member and I want to camp with them.
That's OK. Members can bring a guest into their campsite in the Members Camp, but you must camp with them.
What about drinking water?
We have a PA state approved central piped water system that serves most of the camp from our deep well. In outlying areas we spot water tankers, known to regulars as "water buffalos."
And toilet facilities?
Both of our shower houses have flush toilets. Special low-flow dual flush units in fact. We also provide port-a-sans throughout camp during large events.
Are the hot showers really hot?
Yep, we are very proud of the showers. Both of our shower buildings use a very advanced on-demand fired heater that makes the water hot as it is used. It never runs out! The showers have a large common deck and privacy stalls. Please use biodegradable soap.
What about firewood?
We provide a steel fire ring for a fire at your camp site. 20 lb. bags of firewood are available for sale. Please do not bring your own firewood; it's against PA regulations.
So fires are allowed?
Yes they are, but we all have to be very careful. You must have a fire ring, keep your fire small and never leave it unattended. If you think you have a good spot for a fire, clear away the forest debris, place your fire ring and build your fire small. There is no need for a pit or for stones; in fact they are prohibited. The idea is to leave as little disturbed behind you as possible.
Were should I park?
We are positively anti-automobile!
On off weekends its alright to just pull your car off to the side of the camp road in an out of the way spot. In the public camp, you can park across from the Coffee Dragons. But please do not take your car off the graveled roads to get to your campsite.
At fee paid fundraising events we ask that the cars be taken back out to main parking after you unload. It goes a long way toward maintaining the magical feel of the Land to see as few cars as possible.
You may purchase a In Camp Parking Pass at Fundraisers allowing parking in our InCamp Parking Area.
Can I bring my RV?
As above, we discourage any vehicles in the Main Camp. But with the purchase of a $15 car camping permit, we can place small (20 feet or less) camper vehicles in the east end of the High Meadow, about 200 yards from the Stone Circle. We have a few permitted spots for really big rigs in the High Meadow too. Or we can place them in Main Parking, free of charge.
Can I bring my dog/cat?
Pets are not allowed at any time. Sorry. Please don't ask.
Can I buy my meals at the camp?
At festivals and fundraisers we offer meal plans (preregistered only) from the Starvin' Artist Cafe, and we are earning the reputation for the finest food served at any comparable camp. The kitchen is staff run and provides two meals a day, brunch and dinner. Some events have a community wide Feast served Saturday as well, it's a free part of your registration. We have limited utensils and plates, please plan on bringing your own.