Pouring Out Honey:
Tambor Oshun
the Giveaway Moon Service

3:00pm:Four Quarters Dining Pavilion

Saturday, June 22,  2024
A Moon Service Weekend

oshun the power of love and the deities of euphoria youtube

Yeye Kari
     ...Mother of the Mirror,

     ...Mother of Dance,

Yeye Opo
     ...Mother of Abundance,

O San Rere O
     ...We sing Your Praise!

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Oshun is the Orisha of Beauty, Love, Wealth, Motherhood, Honey, and Mother of all the Sweet Waters of the World.

For the June Moon Service, Four Quarters honors Oshun with a giveaway, a gift of many thousands of dollars, and much loving labor in Her name. We do this not out of obligation or compulsion, but because the Sweet Waters of Oshun cradle us, embrace us, and fill this Sacred Place with blessings beyond measure. We invite you to come and partake of this outpouring of bounty.
Here's a taste of what lies in store.


The Ceremony of The Bata Drums:
These are the Sacred Drums of Santeria, played at virtuoso levels by three drummers.  There are two parts of a Bata Ceremony: the first part, the “Oro Seco” is the Bataleros private rhythmic prayer/salutes to the Orishas, and celebrants are allowed to listen to it while seated quietly. (Don't worry, it isn't boring!) The second part of the Bata Ceremony, the “Oro Igbodu” introduces the “Apkwon” the Singer, and everybody joins in with the singing and dancing. You will even have special opportunities to dance for certain Orishas for extra blessings! Gifts of cash for the Bataleros are customary and welcome.

Oshuns Throne
The Trono:
“Trono” is the Spanish word for “Throne” and it refers to the elaborate altar made of more than 20 yards of fabric by Priestesses who specialize in their creation. The Ceramic tureen featured in the center of the Trono houses the Mysteries of Oshun, received by an anointed Priest or Priestess at initiation. The altar is full of fruit and flowers, those are gifts to Oshun, brought to her altar by the community. Feel free to bring gifts of yellow or orange fruits or flowers to give to the altar. The fruits will absorb the “Ashe” (Ah-shay) or spiritual energies, of the Tambor, and at the end of the party, the fruits will be distributed to everyone, so they can take the spiritual gifts with them. Gifts of cash for the Altar are customary and welcome.

The Feast of Sweet Waters: There will be a Church Supper for everyone. It will be Cuban and Caribbean foods that are Oshun's favorite foods. The food is not spicy, just simple, honest, savory food, all home-made, and it will end with a cake fit for the Queen of Heaven.


The Consecrated Dancer: The dancer is a Consecrated Priest or Priestess, dedicated to a particular Orisha, who is an expert at the “story Dances” of the Orishas, and  trance possession. The dancer, accompanied by the Bata Drums can frequently, but not always, “Bring Down” an Orisha to Bless or help those present. It is always an honor if an Orisha “comes down” in your presence.

Meet the Elders:
You will have an opportunity to meet and learn from some traditional Elders and broaden your perspectives on who and what Santeria/Ifa/Lucumi faith really is. This is not an opportunity that comes along every day. So, whether you just want to learn the proper step for a dance, or find out what is that flavor in the beans you just can't place, or if you want to discuss much deeper matters, you will probably meet someone here to connect with.

So join us on the Weekend of Summer Solstice to honor Oshun. To thank her for all of the Love, Beauty, Wealth, Harmony, and Sweet Water she has poured upon us. As we bless the Orisha, so they bless us.

Please RSVP online or call our office at: 814-784-3080,
so that we may prepare food for all of our celebrants.
There is no charge, we appreciate your heartfelt donation.

 Tambor Oshun RSVP Online