The People Behind Fires Rising at Four Quarters

Fires Rising is the shared effort of a group of dedicated volunteers from the Four Quarters membership.

Our Founders:

Fires Rising was brought to Four Quarters in 2004 by a group of people who came for four years to teach Alchemical Fire Circle technology.  We work diligently to continue their teachings and traditions.  You will most likely hear us talk about the four people below - their skills, talents, spirituality, rhythms, and songs continue to inspire us.  "I have such a teacher..." -Rumi

SpinPortraitWebAbbi Spinner McBride

Abigail is a renowned musician and teacher of percussion, hand-drumming, dance and magic. She is a High Priestess of the Family of Fire, and she is the song writer behind many of the chants we sing. She has released several CDs of original music: Songs from the Center, Enter the Center, Fire of Creation, and Family of Fire.


jeffJeff Magnus McBride

Jeff "Magnus" McBride is a performance magician, alchemist and educator in ritual theater, known around the world for his extensive magical work with masks. Jeff is also a founder of The Mystery School of Magic, the McBride Magical Arts Center, the Vegas Vortex, and FIREDANCE.


LevinJoshua Levin, Ph.D.

Joshua has traveled the world following and sharing in the mysteries of drum, dance, and chant. Together with Deborah Nervig, who is a skilled dancer, Joshua is the co-founder of Sacred Arts Circles and New World Rhythmatism. He is also a skilled painter, and a cultural anthropologist and college professor. Best of all, he is the proud father of a son named Jazz!



MichaelWallMichael Wall
Michael Wall is a drummer, chanter, and educator, and committed to reminding the fire circle community that the frame drum, conga, and other sacred sounds and instruments play a valuable role in the all night journey. Michael is the co-founder of the Hawaii Fire Tribe Gatherings and Sacred Arts Circle - inspired by the power of drum, dance and song as portals to heart-filled magick and sheer ecstasy!