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Fires Rising 2020  
Updated 3-18-20

We regrect to inform our Members and Guests that Fires Rising 2020 has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 National Emergency. We hope to restart our season on Summer Solstice Weekend, June 19-21, 2020. Please visit the News Page or Contact the Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 814 784-3080 for the latest information.

     Friday June 5th through Sunday June 7th
..:: Meal Plans included with Registration::..

     Setup and First Fire Thursday Night
Alchemical Fire Circles: Friday and Saturday nights.

..:: Ceremonies intended to allow earlier bed-times if needed ::..

  **A clean and sober event**

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” – The Emerald Tablet
    Like the Dragonfly, Fires Rising will be a looser, free-er distillation of self-expression - we have thrown away the mold! Go to bed if you need to, greet the dawn if you need to. One day shorter to accommodate work schedules and meals are included.

Highlights from 2019... 

Your Host for Fires Rising 2019
Ken Crampton

  Join us for the 15th Fires Rising, as we explore the archetypes and images of Alchemy. If you thought that “turning Lead into Gold” was an impossibility, guess again! It’s a metaphor for the spiritual process of seven “Operations,” Chakra by Chakra, Planet by Planet. Our Fire Circle will be transformed into a living Alchemical vessel, a container for our own transformations.
    Think of the Dragonfly: It begins as an egg in the water, then becomes a nymph, until it reaches its final form soaring above, flitting so fast that in a blink, you’ll miss it... yet able to stop and hover as if defying gravity. By the end of this experience, we will all be Dragonflies!
    This year, we will distill Friday and Saturday nights, with some of us staying through to the dawn, although that is not required. We explore Alchemical metaphors with afternoon Playshops and Discussions, and turn them into rhythm, song, dance, and random acts of beauty for the nightly Laboratory.
    We strive to remain fully aware and fully present, taking personal responsibility for our own safety, healing, and entertainment. In that spirit, we refrain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances, Fires Rising is a SOBER event. Fire, Community, Creativity, and the Night are our potent ingredients.
    All faiths are welcome here, and all ability levels — so whether you’ve circled this fire before, or you’re brand new to the Laboratory, all we ask is that you bring your Whole Self: your strengths and talents, your love and kindness, as well as your hurts. Bring on the didgeridoos, gongs, singing bowls, frame drums, incense and oils. Bring on the drums, chants, spoken word, dance, painting, fire spinning, theater, and decorations — bring YOU, in your Truth and Creativity..

“The pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” – The Kybalion

Registration and Accomodations
Our online orders are placed through Vanco, our longtime provider of church focused credit card processing.
By Electronic Check, Debit or Credit Card.
Completely secure and smart phone enabled.
Got Questions? Need help? Prefer Humans?
Call the office to process your order    814-784-3080.

Online Memberships and Event Registrations

 Promoting Members RSVP's, Accomodations, Auto, Fire and Tent permits by calling the office.

Registering by May 25th:
Four Quarters Members $85
Guests $110
Pre-reg by May 25th, $125 after that date.

Children under 16 are loved, cherished and FREE

     Registration covers your attendance at Fires Rising and Dinner Friday, Brunch/Dinner Saturday and Brunch Sunday.
    Additional services such as dorm space, car camping, in-camp car parking passes, etc are available at a reasonable fee when you register.

    Our In-Camp Dormitory is available for rent: handsome, hand-built bunk beds as well as private rooms. You must call the Office for reservations as space is limited. Handicapped, special circumstances? Questions about accomodations or to reserve? Call the Four Quarters office at 814-784-3080.

    Volunteers and participants co-create Fires Rising, arriving early on Thursday to set up and build the Alchemical Container. If you can, do plan on arriving then; you will be glad you did! Saturday arrivals are welcome but please, arrive in time for the afternoon playshops. You are welcome to arrive before Thursday and stay later than Sunday. Early In and Late Out camping is $5 a night for Members and $10 a night for non-members.

    Children under 16 are loved, cherished and FREE. And while Fires Rising is not anti-child, we are pro staying up all night! Supervised children are welcome, but no separate children's programming will be provided.

The Starvin' Artist Cafe
Hosted by Pamela Alexander

Meal Plan Information
Our Friday Dinner through Sunday Brunch Meal Plan is included in your registration.

    The Starvin’ Artist Café offers a meal plan of delicious, hot meals able to accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions including vegetarian and gluten free.
    Meals offered are Friday dinner through Sunday brunch, four meals; Included with your Pre-Reg.

In addition to the meal plan:
~Please plan to bring any snacks you would like to eat throughout the day or night.
~Please also bring a store-bought, individually wrapped snacks and/or food items to share at the Food Altar at night. Examples would be single serve packs of snack foods (chips, beef jerky, dried fruits), or single serving size juices. The Food Altar is a communal space to grab a snack in the middle of the night when your energy is flagging, and it is stocked by the attendees of Fires Rising. Four Quarters provides The Coffee Dragons, serving coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Fires Rising 2019 Outline schedule - subject to transmutation!

Fires Rising is a drug and alcohol free event. 

Early Arrivals. Building the Laboratory & set-up.
Homecoming Fire.

FRIDAY May 1st
Playshops and Prayerformance:
The Fire of the Seven Chakras.

Playshops and Planetary Groups:
The Fire of the Dragonfly.

SUNDAY June 3rd
Grounding the Laboratory,
Closing Ceremony & Leave-taking..

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey; stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment.”      Paulo Coelho

AirSMLFires Rising Orientation
An Alchemical Alignment

Finding Our Way ‘Round the Fire

"The Tao that is written is not the Tao"

This familiar quote reminds us that words can only reflect the actuality of the fire circle. We hope you will do your best to read this Orientation "between the lines" and meditate on the possibilities implied within.

The fire circle can be thought of as a microcosm of the daily world we live in. We define our Circle as a unique expression of that reality by ringing the outer perimeter with prayer flags, to remind us that the space within is Sacred, and co-created by all of our intentions. Please enter through the Smudge Gate, a place to be cleansed and purified. Breathe, center, and be aware that you are entering an extraordinary realm each time you step through. Linger a moment and prepare yourself to engage artfully with others, evoke healing energy, pray, do personal magic, or simply celebrate the multitude of blessings in life.

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Further Thoughts on Alchemy

firecirclealchemybookThe very nature of alchemical language is intentionally cryptic. Even our modern word gibberish comes from an Arabic alchemist's name, Jabir -- whose cryptic alchemical notes were incomprehensible to the uninitiated.

"Universal Fire Circle Alchemy explores the metaphors and symbols of alchemy to create an experiential laboratory for safe and sacred play. We enter the vessel as individual elements. As we dance the sacred fire, we separate ourselves from that which separates us from ourselves and others. Dancing the fire, we deepen our relationships and forge lifetime connections. By playing, praying and blending together, we share our heart songs, offering our joys and tears, individuals dissolving into a solution.

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Considerations for
the Alchemical Fire Circle
at Fires Rising

WoodcutAlembecSMLLet us envision co-creating a safe, magical experience for everyone in the Fire Circle. In support of this vision, we offer these thoughts for your consideration.

· The area contained by the torches and prayer flags is Sacred. Please remember people are focusing on magickal work. To avoid distraction, we take conversations outside and away from the Circle.

· At the Gateway to the Circle, we may smudge one another or ourselves with sage smoke as a purification rite. All are invited to breathe, ground, center, and be aware we are entering Sacred Space each time we step through the Gate.

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Drum Circle Etiquette
    by Gunga Doug

   There is a sacred relationship between the elements that create a fire circle. The drummers, singers, dancers, witnesses, our traditions, our ancestors and the Fire itself meld together in a dance of energies that is simultaneously greater than all its parts and as intimate as a trance. Each of these elements is a necessary part, and no one piece is greater than any other. It is the interplay of relationships between the elements that creates the magic, and opens the caldron of transformation that is the difference between a fire and a magic fire circle.

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EarthSMLThe Magic of Fire circle
by Jeff Magnus McBride and Abbi Spinner McBride

I. Fire Circle Introduction     II. Alchemical Traditions
III. Community Considerations        IV. The Elements
V. Observing The Great Work        VI. Metals & Planets

I: Introduction

    Since the dawn of time, human beings have gathered around the fire to make music, to dance, and to weave magic in the fire light. In the past fifteen years, there has been a resurgence in our Western culture for this type of ritual, a reawakening of the shamanic spirit. What is happening during the course of an all-night fire? After observing the ritual process for a number of years, and comparing stories and experiences with others, we have found that the alchemical model is a useful tool for understanding the all-night sacred fire circle ritual.

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The People Behind Fires Rising at Four Quarters

Fires Rising is the shared effort of a group of dedicated volunteers from the Four Quarters membership.

Our Founders:

Fires Rising was brought to Four Quarters in 2004 by a group of people who came for four years to teach Alchemical Fire Circle technology.  We work diligently to continue their teachings and traditions.  You will most likely hear us talk about the four people below - their skills, talents, spirituality, rhythms, and songs continue to inspire us.  "I have such a teacher..." -Rumi

SpinPortraitWebAbbi Spinner McBride

Abigail is a renowned musician and teacher of percussion, hand-drumming, dance and magic. She is a High Priestess of the Family of Fire, and she is the song writer behind many of the chants we sing. She has released several CDs of original music: Songs from the Center, Enter the Center, Fire of Creation, and Family of Fire.


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