ALL DAY Registration and Welcome
5:30-6:30 PM Meal Plan Dinner in the Dining Pavilion
7:00-8:00 PM Billy Woods
Learn How to Learn How to Play Drums
Drum Circle
9:00 PM+ Opening Circle and First Fire in the Upper Drum Circle


8:30-9:30 AM Kurt Griffith Introduction to Tai Chi Stone Circle
9:00-10:00 AM Meal Plan Brunch in Dining Pavilion
... Meet Your Presenters for the Day starting at 9:30AM
10:30-11:30 AM Pape Demba Samb
Beginner Djembe Workshop
Drum Circle
Shannon Humm & Keiden Bren Sacred Sound Main Stage
Dumbek Hangout Lower Drum Cir.
11:30 A-1:00 P Cindy Ryan Bellydance Intro Dining Pavilion
Erro Gutshall Kassa Drum Circle
Mixed Martial Arts  – Qi Gong with Billy Woods & Tai Chi with Kurt Griffith Stone Circle
1:00-2:00 PM Mid Day Break    
2:00-3:30 PM Liz Pascale Argentinian Tango 1 Dining Pavilion
Dan Trevino Djun-Djun 1 Drum Circle
Ken Crampton  Say it, Play it! Lower Drum Cir.
Orren Whiddon
Dr. Doom’s “The Decline of the American Empire”
Bardic Circle
3:30-5:00 PM Eesa Grayson
Master Class: Djembe tips and tricks ($)
Drum Circle
Alex Wedmedyk Finding the One Main Stage
Kurt Griffith
Native American Ceremonial Drumming
Stone Circle
Mark Cheater Dumbek 101 Lower Drum Cir.
5:30-6:30 PM Meal Plan Dinner in the Dining Pavilion
8:00-9:00 Family Drum Circle with Ken Crampton Drum Circle
9:00 PM–till…! Evening Drum Circle!!!!
Facilitated by Dan, Erro and Jeff
Drum Circle
General Belly Dance & Mid East Drum Lower Drum Cir.
9:00 PM-til... Freestyle Fire-Spinning!!! Meadow
10:00 PM-til... Open String Jam with Jimmy “Pan” Clark Coffee Dragon
Stories and Songs Bardic Circle


8:30-9:00 AM Dan Trevino Morning Meditation Stone Circle
9:00-10:00 AM Meal Plan Brunch in Dining Pavilion
  ... Meet Your Presenters for the Day starting at 9:30AM.
10:30-11:30 AM Cindy Ryan  North African Dance Dining Pavilion
Erro Gutshall Yankadi & Macru Drum Circle
Ken Crampton Creative Kirtan Stone Circle
Patricia Althouse Main Stage
Song, Dance, Drum, Possession: What to expect at UToS ceremony.
11:30 A-1:00 P May Kesler Dance to Unravel 1 Dining Pavilion
Eesa Grayson Drum Circle
Intermediate/Advanced Djembe class
Billy Woods 8 Brocades - Part 1 Stone Circle
Mark Cheater Dumbek 102 Lower Drum Cir.
Mike McConnell Fire Safety Meadow
Alex Wedmedyk Drum Repair Earth Rhythm
11:30 A-3:30 P Hat Making for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Dining Pavilion
1:00-2:00 PM Mid Day Break
2:00-3:30 PM Eesa Grayson and Roshad Rush Dining Pavilion
African Drum & Dance
Pape Demba Samb Drum Circle
Intermediate Djembe and Dundun
Robin Renee Stone Circle
Returning – A Time for Healing and Re/Integration
Billy Crocker and Karen Richards Intro to the Kemenche Lower Drum Cir.
3:30-5:00 PM Kristen Arant Women’s Drum Circle Drum Circle
Keiden Bren & Shannon Humm Main Stage
Party Starter
Ken Crampton DrumAble! ($$) Stone Circle
Amara Bellydance Expressions Lower Drum Cir.
5:30-6:30 PM Meal Plan Dinner in the Dining Pavilion
7:00-8:00 PM Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Dining Pavilion
8:00-9:00 Family Drum Circle with
The DrumLady & Friends
Drum Circle
8:00 PM till... Universal Temple of Spirits (UToS) Main Stage
Ceremony for the Spirits of Performance
Jam Facilitated by Ken Crampton
Drum Circle
  Dancer’s Delight at the Kasbah Lower Drum Cir.
9:00 PM- til... Freestyle Fire-Spinning!!! Meadow
10:00 PM- til... Open String Jam with Jimmy “Pan” Clark Coffee Dragon
Stories and Songs Bardic Circle


8:30-9:30 AM Kurt Griffith
Open T’ai Chi/Intro to Applications
Stone Circle
9:00-10:00 AM Meal Plan Brunch in Dining Pavilion
... Meet Your Presenters for the Day starting at 9:30AM.
10:30-11:30 AM Liz Pascale Argentinian Tango 2 Dining Pavilion
Dan Trevino Djun Djun 2 Drum Circle
Kristen Arant
West African drumming: Technique, Rhythm and Song
Main Stage
Keiden Bren & Shannon Humm
Grounding and Centering
Stone Circle
Cindy Ryan Nice Roll Lower Drum Cir.
11:30A-1:00 PM May Kesler Dance to Unravel 2 Dining Pavilion
Eesa Grayson – Master class
Djembe drumming for Power and Speed ($)
Drum Circle
Kurt Griffith
Native American Ceremonial Drumming
Main Stage
Billy Woods Eight Brocades - Part 2 Stone Circle
Billy Crocker and Karen Richards Malfuf Lower Drum Cir.
Alex Wedmedyk Drum Building Earth Rhythm
1:00-2:00 PM Mid Day Break and BATHING APHRODITE
meet at Coffee Dragons & procession through Camp
2:00-3:00 PM Ken Crampton The Infamous Ducky Race! North Crook
2:00-3:30 PM Eesa Grayson and Roshad Rush
Master Class – Drum & Dance for Performance ($)
Dining Pavilion
Kristen Arant Women’s Drum Circle Drum Circle
Shannon Humm & Keiden Bren Finding Your Dance Main Stage
Mark Cheater Frame Drum Lower Drum Cir.
Mike McConnell Intro to Poi Spinning Meadow
3:30-4:30 PM Robin Renee Kirtan-O-Rama Dining Pavilion
3:30-5:00 PM Pape Demba Samb
Master Class - Djembe and Dundun ($15)
Drum Circle
Ken Crampton Family Drum Circle Stone Circle
Amara Turkish Roma Lower Drum Cir.


followed by....
An Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social!!!!
Dining Pavilion
8:00 PM Dragon/Dance Parade Prep.
– Ken Crampton
Coffee Dragon
Drummer Prep for Portals of Fire
– Eesa Grayson
In-camp Parking
MANDATORY Safety Meeting for anyone
fire Spinning – Mike McConnell
Rehearsal for parade and performances
 – Performers & Students (if needed)
Drum Circle
9:15 PM Fireworks, Parade of Talent, and
The Portals of Fire!!! in the High Meadow
10:00-11:00 PM Performances by the
Masters of Drum and Dance!
Drum Circle
Led by Eesa Grayson, Pape Demba Samb, Ken Crampton, Kristen Arant, Alex Wedmedyk, Erro Gutshall...
Drum Circle
11:00 PM-til... General Belly Dance & Mid-East Druming Lower Drum Cir.
11:00 PM-til... Freestyle Fire-Spinning!!! Meadow
Open String Jam  with Jimmy “Pan” Clark Coffee Dragon
Stories and Songs Bardic Circle


8:30-9:30 AM Dan Trevino Morning Meditation Stone Circle
9:00-10:00 AM Meal Plan Brunch in Dining Pavilion
11:00 AM Closing Circle –Share highlights, blessings, affirmations and gratitude Stone Circle

Sweat Lodge –
Tentative times are posted at the Sweat Lodge site and at Coffee Dragons, subject to ceremonial considerations.

About Stone Stacking in the River – We are asking that this once time honored and playful Drum ‘N’ Splash and Four Quarters tradition be allowed to slip into history and legend. We have discovered that the practice is destructive to the creek’s ecosystem and all the wee things that live there. It’s Time to Stop.

*As ever, schedule subject is to last minute changes, ceremonial time, brilliant and/or desperate improvisations, and the blessed weather!

Introducing the Kasbah, Middle Eastern scene, new at Drum and Splash 2018:

Drum & Splash 2018 - The Kasbah promo flyer

DnS composite 2019 1200


Updated 6/3/2020
Drum 'n' Splash 2020!

Our 26th Year! Wednesday, July 1st - Sunday, July 5th 2020

UPDATE - June 2, 2020
    As of June 5th the State of Pennsylvania has declared Bedford County Phase "Green," allowing gatherings of up to 250 persons.
    That means Drum 'N' Splash is good to go! And we can't wait to see you all on the land again.
    We are rushing to contact our presenters and make these last minute arrangements for Drum and Splash, which this year more than ever will be an example of a Living Community of Choice.

    So break free of the lock-downs, leave the city behind to join us in the safety and beauty of this Wonderful Land.

    See special registration and COVID safety mitigations below!
      <<  Register Online with our Shopping Cart.  >>

Drum ’N’ Splash 2020 Events and Workshop Schedule now Available! Check it out!
– Downloadable PDF File –

“Sharing the Power of the Drum and the Grace of the Dance
with the next generation of Drummers, Dancers, and Teachers”


More Drum and Splash Photos From Our Archives

“Fire Circle is Sacred Space, the beating heart of our community, something precious that glows brighter as it is shared.”

Special for Drum and Splash...
Across the River, in The Old Forest of New Camp we present:
"The River Cadence Stage," brought to you by The Normal's.
Featuring different genres of EDM music including techno, house, liquid drum n bass, and live acoustic acts. Sets beginning Thursday evening.

Ken Top Hat    Ken Crampton
Everybody Drum!

    One of Four Quarters best kept secrets, Drum and Splash is simply a Very Good Time, and a great way to Celebrate an Alternative Nation’s Birthday with Family, Friends and Tribe, with no agenda other than to Drum all Night and Swim all Day, sharing a working vision of the possible through Community, Sustainability, and Personal Responsibility. 

    We have developed over the years an alternative idea of community and of the greatness of our nation, a modern day American Tribe of flourishing diversity and tolerance. A place that values family in all of its flavors and supports the family choices of each individual. Where, for a time, we can return to our human roots and take simple pleasure in simple things. Song and Dance. A swim in the river. The laughter of children. Sharing a meal under a spreading oak tree. For these are the things that are worth keeping close, and worth celebrating on this nation’s birthday.


   Nina Amaya
The Kasbah!

    Drum and Dance go together in a deeply symbiotic relationship that’s existed since the dawn of percussion. The Drum feeds Rhythm to the dancers, who provide Purpose for the Drum, in its  own small ecosystem of light and spirit. Beyond the Fire Circle, a parallel schedule of Dance workshops complements Drum teachings.

Kirsten Arant    Kirsten Arant
    The DrumLady & Friends

    Since our beginning there has been a Fire Circle at Four Quarters. Once again as we celebrate Drum and Splash, we continue to dedicate ourselves to holding the Sacred Space within the Fire Circle as we focus on sharing the Power of the Drum and the Grace of the Dance with the next generation of Drummers, Dancers and Teachers who will continue to hold Sacred Space for the next 20 years of Drum and Splash and, in turn, cultivate the generations of Drummers and Dancers yet to come.

Kurt SakuraTaiko 400 ErroG 400 McConell JJL 9384 400a
Kurt Griffith
Erro Gutshal
Mike McConnell
Dragon Bachteler 1382 400 DnS14 SWimJJL 8041 400 HaziSimoe DS19 Fireworks01 400 Sweat2018 Griffith 4369 400
Swimmin' Hole!

Policy4QF50Special Registration Information for
Drum and Splash 2020

Because of the COVID restrictions and the very late breaking change of our status to "GREEN" allowing events of up to 250 people, we are changing pricing and policies for this years Drum and Splash.
    Please download and read our
COVID-19 Mitigation Policy PDF to your left!

   * Tickets are strictly limited, we strongly recommend you call our office to pre-register with your credit card, and with your questions. That's 814-784-3080.
      <<  Or Online with our Shopping Cart.

    * Pricing is $85 Weds - Thurs arrival,  $70 Fri - Sat arrival, pre-registered by 6/29.   
    * 6/30 Gate Pricing -  $100 Weds Arrival, $85 Fri Arrival, $65 Sat Arrival.

    * Children under 16 are cherished and FREE!  Members are $70.
    * You must select "Main Camp" or "New Camp" as your camping location when you pre-register.
    * Car and RV Camping in "New Camp" only.  $15 for cars, $25 for RV's. Payable at the Gate.

    * As a COVID mitigation, we are not renting rooms for Drum and Splash.
    * As a COVID mitigation you MUST wear a face mask at registration
       and abide by our mitigation policies posted in camp.


    * As a COVID mitigation we are not offering meal plans
      or our traditional community feast.
      "Sassy Wraps" will be providing a la carte food service
       under PA Health Dept Covid guidelines.

    "Sassy Wraps" is a Woman-led group of trained food service workers
with a passion for food and music. We are a mobile operation based
out of Winchester, VA. We strive to bring our customers a more healthy
product by using top quality, fresh, and local/organic (when available)
ingredients while providing friendly customer service.
    We are excited to be returning to The Mountain for Drum and Splash!'


    As the years have gone by
, we have grown and evolved, and our experience of Fire, Drum, Dance, Ceremony, Community, and Tribe has grown and evolved also. We have come to understand that Fire Circle is Sacred Space, the beating heart of our community, something precious that glows brighter as it is shared. As we go about creating this space in a good way, we make a place of respect and of safety where the Drum supports the Dancers, the Dancers feed the Fire, and the Fire feeds us all. Inside this Sacred Space we step out of the ordinary and into our authentic selves.

Yes, Drum and Splash is all about Drumming and Splashing, but it is much more. For five days we create a village along the river, with lots to do:

Typical Weekend Highlights:

Dance and Drum Performances
Workshops with the Masters of Drum and Dance
The Middle Eastern Vibe of the Kasbah

Planned activities for the Kids’ Tribe
Fireworks, Fire Spinning, and Fire Arts
The Dragon Dance and Procession of Talent
Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Meditation, and Yoga
Percussion Plus Open Mic Coffee House
Sweat Lodge and Native Ceremonial Drum
Bathing Aphrodite Procession
Rubber Ducky Race
All Night Fire, Dance, and Drum!!!

native sdong Enjoy the solace of The Land itself, listed as the most ecologically diverse tract in Bedford County by the Western Pennsylvania Nature Conservancy.
Swim in Sideling Hill Creek, an unspoiled treasure among Appalachian watersheds. Hemlock Hole is a spectacular swimming area, shadowed by our cliffs, cherished by young and old. And there are four other swimming holes strung along a creek-side trail.
Learn something new in one of our many engaging workshops: dancing, drumming, hooping, fire-spinning,  drum building... and so much more!relaxation
Rejuvenate in one of our classes and activities in yoga, Qi Gong, chanting, stone stacking, trance dance, sweat lodge, and journaling.
Explore the living natural history of The Land with guided hikes, nature walks, garden tours, and service projects.
Experience the magic of the performances in the Upper Drum Circle at sundown every night. Children hold the place of honor here at twilight. As the night deepens and the kids fall asleep, the serious drumming begins. And even later in the night, Pure Magic!
parachute kids Relax and vacation with your family and friends while camping under a sky full of stars, Four Quarters has over 35 acres of camping space in wooded areas, by the creekside, or in sunny meadows. DEP certified drinking water, flush toilets and hot showers complement the camping.
Participate in lively discussion or open jam at The Coffee Dragons outdoor cafe. Early morning through late night serving free coffee, tea and cocoa from their pavilion on the High Meadow. meal plan 3
Study with the Masters of Drum and  Dance in intensive free and fee paid workshops for the serious drummer and dancer.

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of many different cultures' rhythms, dances, celebrations, and ceremonies.
Re-enact the Bathing of Aphrodite, an Ancient Greek patriotic festival that parades through our village.
TeenTribe Create some extraordinary memories to take away with you and bring back to share with others in future years.
Discover the unique wares of our Merchants Green village within a village.
Compete in The Rubber Ducky Race! No “sailor” wants to miss this light-hearted note!

Witness the magic of a procession of talent at dusk, featuring an escort of fire artists, the pageantry of the dancers, the passion of the drummers, and the mystery of the Dragon Dance... building a crescendo of energy punctuated by a breath-taking fireworks display.

Our Energy Builds from Wednesday Night with the First Fire Circle leading into a Thursday and Friday filled with Workshops, Play and Performance, flowing into Saturday’s Masters Classes. The River waits cool and inviting. As Saturday evening descends, fireworks light up the Sky as our Fire Arts Procession dances the way to a Fire Circle that will Light up the Night.

All 2020 events are subject to change
Contact the Office to verify events. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.814 784-3080

Four Quarters has two shower buildings equipped with super low-flow dual-flush toilets, state of the art ‘on demand’ heaters for our low-flow showers and drinking water spigots throughout the camp. Four Quarters is Green!