benches and creekTime to Sweat

by Walter Bachteler

I have often been asked how long is a sweat lodge. This like anything else depends on your commitment. Let’s look at the general times.

One round in and out is about a half an hour. Real good for some quick prayers and mild cleansing. Possibly sing a sacred prayer song, and to support other peoples prayers. [This can  vary a lot, based on the ceremony leader’s tradition, their style, medicine, or altar, number of participants, or any other specific circumstances. Be prepared to be flexible. – Kurt]

To do all four rounds is about two hours. This showssome commitment and you have time to make prayers to all four directions . Each direction may have a different focus. There are more prayer songs. There is the ability to support the heartfelt prayers of others. From my experience they come out in the later part of the lodge. You also can focus better on how spirit has been guiding you.

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 Sweat Lodge at Four Quarters

 The Sweat Lodge ceremony, is older than recorded history and is practiced in some form by every culture in the world. We heat ancient rocks in a fire and bring the glowing hot rocks into the center of the lodge. When the lodge is closed, we pour water on the rocks and pray. Through prayer and sacred songs we ask for support and give thanks for what we have already received.

Our sweat ceremonies facilitate personal and inner cleansing and healing. The lodge brings us into connection and harmony with the Mother Earth and all of Creation. This ceremony is open to all people of all beliefs and remains a gift and an offering to those who are open and willing to further their own personal journey, and who want to participate and experience the beauty and wonder of this most powerful and healing ceremony. It is a place to repair your spirit, of refuge and healing, and to obtain personal answers and guidance Our ceremony leaders represent a number of sacred traditions and we follow the same interfaith view as Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary. All are welcome to come pray

sweatlodgesketchwebPlanned* 2019 Lodge Weekends:

Lodge Build Weekend ~ April 13-14†
Beltaine ~ May 3 - 5, Sweat Teachings**

Flower of Life ~ May 18
Member’s Weekend ~ May 24 - 26, Sweat Teachings**
WickerMan ~ June 21 - 23
Cornachella ~ June 29†
Drum ’N’ Splash ~ July 3 - July 7
Big Dub Sweat Camp ~ July 24 - July 28
NEW! Honcho - August 17
Stones Rising ~ August 28 - September 2

NEW! 2019 Lil' Dub Family Reunion ~ October 4-5
Samhain ~ November 1 - 3  - Shutdown

*Subject to change and the needs of ceremony
** We are considering offering some Sweat Teachings at Beltaine, and/or The Members Weekend.
please contact Kurt or the Four Quarters Office if interested.
† Tentative Events, please contact us to verify.

Growing a Sweat Lodge Tradition

by Valerie Haag, Kurt Talking Stone, and the Lodge Team
Wheel of the Year Calendar 2017

The Sweat Lodge Site is a beautiful and sacred place on the land at Four Quarters and we invite you to come by to pray and sweat with us! The sacred fires will be continuously burning, and at any time you are welcome to come in to meditate, visit with the helpers and facilitators, chill out, talk with us, and reconnect in this area.

The Sweat Lodge ceremony is older than recorded history, and is practiced in some form by every culture in the world. Our sweat ceremonies facilitate personal and collective inner cleansing and healing. The Sweat Lodge at Four Quarters holds to the same interfaith view as Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary and does not follow a single tradition or path. Our Water Pourers represent a number of sacred traditions including Navajo, Lakota, and others. All are welcome. From time to time, we have had visiting Elders and ceremony leaders offer ceremony for our community.

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