Our Return to the Land!
A Four Quarters Fundraiser and Members and Guests Weekend

Friday 3rd -Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Balefire burns in our bellies and the Maypole rises to reach new heights while Drummers and Dancers unite as one.
It is time to return to the Land, to dance, to sing, and bless the Land and its Tribe with love of life and fertility.
The Land awakens with the tribe returning to the Land: setting up and cleaning, making ready for a new season.

Planned Highlights for 2019!
-- Friday afternoon: Thanks and Blessing of Sacred Sites
-- Friday evening: First Fire Drum Circle

-- Saturday afternoon: Annual Tea Party and Raising of the May Pole
-- Saturday evening: Main Ceremony Blessing of the Land

-- Sunday morning: Raising of the Seed Stone by the Children's Stone Crew


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"Now the green blade riseth, from the buried grain;
Wheat that in dark earth, many days has lain..."

Join us for our annual homecoming as we celebrate the Sweetness of Spring! It’s Beltaine at Four Quarters! As the Land awakens, we awaken to returning for a weekend of renewal!

The season of hibernation is at its end, nature sprouting inspiration for joyful fecundity! It is time for playful activity and growth to begin, for Balefire burns in our bellies and the Maypole rises to reach new heights while Drummers and Dancers unite as one. It is time to bless the Land and its Tribe with love of life and fertility, sweetness of inspiration and creation for the betterment of community… to greet the tribe you haven’t seen all winter long, and welcome new friends first on the Land… to share in communion of this sweet, sweet time and in this space.

Friday is cleaning and preening the sacred spaces of the Land as well as campsites. The first of ceremonies, first of hugs and laughter. First Coffee… Opening Ceremony with the lighting of the Balefire to kick off the weekend.

Saturday is filled with workshops and activities for adults and children: preparation of the Maypole, Ribbons and Wreath, Tea party, biannual Members Meeting, Main Ritual, and Feast for all from our Starvin’ Artist Café. The whole of the tribe is needed to lend a hand to raise the Maypole, dance, sing and celebrate. After ceremony, drumming and dancing at the Fire Circle, songs, stories, and poems at Bardic Circle.

Sunday, the whole of the tribe is needed again to nourish the sweetness of teamwork in the hearts of our children as we pass along the Stone Raising tradition. The Children’s Tribe will work the rollers and ropes to bring the Seed Stone home in our Stone Circle. We will witness as they raise the Seed Stone, giving their own blessing to the Circle and the Season. Followed by closing ceremony where we give thanks and remember the times we have had together during the weekend, and shout Merry Meet Again!

Want to present a workshop, or get involved?
Many hands make for light work.
Call the office or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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In addition to all your gear and springtime finery, please bring flowers to share for the Beltaine workshops and ceremonies. We want to the see the beauty of flowers everywhere we turn, so, if you would, pick up a grocery store bouquet or two on your way, and drop them off at the buckets by the Coffee Dragons.

Registration Information:

Pre-Registration Deadline is April 26th.
Member's Pre Registration: $60
Guest Pre-Registraion: $80
Guest Saturday Arrival Pre-Registration: $70
Gate Registration: $90
Gate Saturday Arrival Registration: $80

Children Under 16 are Loved, Cherished, and Free!

Meal Plans

Saturday's Beltaine Feast is free for all attending.
Beltaine Meal Plan by the Starvin' Artist Cafe!

3 meals and the feast, Friday Dinner-Sunday Brunch.
Omnivore and Herbivore options available.
Pre-Registration required, $45/person.

As Always you are welcome to arrive before Friday and stay after Sunday. Early-In, Late-Out Camping $5/night for Members, $10/night for guests!

Register On-Line Here
Your questions are welcome!


Our In Camp Domitory is available!
Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets.  During events rooms and bunks are bundled with meal plans and are booked for the duration of the event; you must call the office for reservations.

You are welcome to arrive before Friday and stay later than Sunday. Early In and Late Out camping is $5 a night for Members and $10 a night for non-members. Four Quarters has two hot shower buildings equipped with super low-flow dual-flush toilets, state of the art on-demand heaters for our low-flow showers and drinking water spigots throughout the camp. We are Green!

Schedule for 2019!!
Please stay tuned for our 2019 Beltaine Schedule and watch the News Page for Announcements.

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the old Celtic name for May Day

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The First of May sounds a clarion call announcing the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. The sun is in its ascendancy, pouring light and warmth onto the Earth, whose creatures bask in the joyous tide of burgeoning life, sensuality, fertility, and abundance. From Scandinavia to Scotland, from Hawaii to China, people come together to celebrate the irresistible rising of the life-force as they are touched by the warmth and light of the sun. There is a promise of love and a reminder of the constant greening and renewal of life.

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