There really is no hard and fast list of “do's and don'ts” about pairing mead with a particular meal. After all, the most important question is “Do you enjoy the wine and food that you are eating?” That said, we do have some suggestions...

Bed of Roses

Serve over ice with fresh fruit or mix with champagne or seltzer water. Pair with salty or oily dishes, intense flavors, strong cheeses, creamy desserts, dark chocolate or spicy dishes. Our most exotic beverage to go with your romantic evenings. This is the tailor-made wine for Valentine's Day.

Recipe: White Sangria
1 Bottle Bed of Roses mead
1 shot white rum
1 Lemon cut into wedges
2 Tbsp sugar
1 pound peaches, pitted and sliced
3/4 cup seedless green grapes, halved
3/4 cup pineapple
2 cups ginger ale
In a large pitcher, combine Bed of Roses, rum, and sugar. Squeeze the juice from the lemon into
the mix and toss in lemon wedges (excluding seeds). Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add sliced
peaches, green grapes, and pineapple.  Refrigerate sangria until well chilled, at least 2 hours, or
overnight to blend flavors.  Add ginger ale just before serving. Serve over ice. 

Dusky Vine

This complex wine pairs well with Thai food, Indian food, curry spices, coconut milk, pork tenderloin, steak, mushrooms and eggplant. Having a cookout? This wine has the boldness to perfectly complement your grilled meats.

Recipe: Mulled Yuletide Mead
1 Bottle Dusky Vine mead
One sliced Orange
¼ C Brandy
8 whole Cloves
¼ C Wildflower Honey
3 each Cinnamon Sticks
2 tsp Allspice Berries
Combine all ingredients in a large pot or slow cooker. Gently warm the ingredients on low to medium heat - don't let it boil! - for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir occasionally to make sure the honey has dissolved. When the mead is steaming and the ingredients are well blended it is ready to serve.

Summer Sunset

Pair with light appetizers, salads, soft cheeses, Southwestern style dishes, salmon and tuna, and subtle, softer tasting foods and dishes. Also, the sweet raspberry flavor just begs to be paired with a rich dark chocolate.

Recipe: Campsite Punch
1 Bottle Summer Sunset
2 cup cranberry juice cocktail
Juice from 2 limes
1 qt seltzer
A quick and easy summer punch. Mix ingredients right before serving. Serve over ice.

Harvest Fruit Cyser

For special feasts with home made cakes or pies for dessert, such as Thanksgiving, then Harvest Fruit is your best sweet wine choice. Pair also with apple pie, roasted turkey, buttery and creamy dishes, barbecued chicken or dishes using onions or garlic.

Recipe: Glogg
1 bottle Harvest Fruit Cyser
1 cup orange juice
10 cardamom seeds
5 whole cloves
3 pieces fresh or dried orange peel
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2” cinnamon stick
1 cup raisins
1 cup blanched slivered almonds
In a large pot, pour Harvest Fruit Cyser. Add rest of ingredients. Cover and warm over low heat until the mixture just begins to simmer, then remove from heat. Don’t let the Glogg boil!
Put mixture through the sieve to strain. Serve warm in wine glasses with a few raisins and almonds
in each glass.

Melissa's Garden

Best paired with light, summery fare such as fruit salads, mediterranean foods, and grilled seafood. The tea and herbal notes complement smoked meats, too. And don't forget dessert; a delightful accompanyment to berry cheesecakes and custards.

Recipe: Queen of the Hive
1 oz Gin
2 oz Melissa’s Garden
1 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
Shake with ice in mixing glass, then strain into a Collins glass. Garnish with lemon balm or mint.

Mulberry Muse

A full-bodied fruity accompanyment to pork dishes, Mulberry Muse shines here; also with zesty chicken dishes. Roasted root vegetables and heavier vegetarian entrees also receive a boost paired with this mead. The dark berry character also goes well with baked desserts like cobbler.

Recipe: Mulberry Cobbler
2 oz Mulberry Muse
3 oz Seltzer water
1 tsp Superfine Sugar
2 or 3 Orange slices
Add oranges and sugar to a mixing glass, muddle. Add Mulberry Muse and ice, shake. Strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice and seltzer water.
Add seltzer water. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Warm Hearth

Add zest to your everyday chicken dish and salads with a glass of Warm Hearth. It can also work splendidly with sharp cheddar cheese, all types of seafood, creamy sauces, dishes using spices like sage, thyme, oregano, and can pair well with heavier dishes.

Recipe: Drunken Viking Chicken
1 Roasting Chicken
10 whole cloves garlic, peeled
1 lemon, halved
Vegetable Oil or Lard
Salt and Pepper
1 bottle Warm Hearth
Place chicken in roasting pan. Stuff the cavity with garlic and lemon halves. Rub underneath chicken skin with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Pour Warm Hearth over the chicken and roast at 350 degrees until done, basting every 20 minutes.
You may need an extra bottle of Warm Hearth for drinking while the chicken roasts!

Our Product LineFour Quaters Cottage Crafted Meads

We take effort to create distinctive meads, each variety standing on it's own; an example of the type, yet each different from the others.  Our line is a collection of quality through variety and scope, and inspires mead afficianados to adopt different favorites.

We slowly handcraft our mead in small batch lots, made with the finest  natural ingredients we can procure without regard to cost. We blend premium fruits, honeys and ciders with delicate spices and all natural flavors to yield the light yet rich tastes of our varieties.


Bed of Roses

Bed Of RosesOur sweet dessert mead, made with delicate Niagara grape, essence of Rose, and Orange Blossom Honey.

Reminiscent of romantic nights bright with the shining light of the Moon, this sweet, aromatic mead is a lovely compliment to your special occasions. Best served well chilled, this wine is exceptional over ice with a slice of lemon, or paired with strong cheeses, spicy dishes and creamy desserts.


Dusky Vine

Dusky VineA dry, tannic yet aromatic mead, featuring the burgeoning dark flavors of Concord Grapes and Wildflower Honey.

As we re-visit a classic American grape, we incorporate a unique and daring perspective, creating a robust red table mead. Dusky Vine is a perfect compliment to grilled meats, eggplant and curry dishes.


Summer Sunset

Summer SunsetA semi sweet mead for languorous Summer evenings. Made with succulent Raspberries and rich Wildflower Honey.

Summer - the time of languid evening gatherings on the porch. This bold fruit mead is perfect for sipping over ice, with light appetizers, salads, soft cheeses and just begs to be paired with rich chocolates.


Harvest Fruit Cyser

Harvest Fruit CyserApple Cider and Wildflower Honey join to create a crisp, sweet cyser with a uniquely full-bodied nose.

As the night air grows crisp we gather 'round the fire with friends and family to celebrate the fullness of life's harvest. Toast to the changing of the season with this sweetly spiced libation, perfect with roast fowl and creamy dishes.

Warm Hearth

Warm HearthA Yuletide Mead made with mildly spiced Tea and Wildflower Honey. A Traditional English varietal, sophisticated and semi-dry.

Warm Hearth is the perfect mead for sharing cold nights by a warm fire with family and friends.  A versatile mead, it is excellent mulled, and pairs well with sharp cheeses, creamy sauces and seafood dishes.


Melissa's Garden

Melissas Garden crop    A fragrant table metheglin crafted from Clover honey infused  with the lemony tea notes of the Lemon Balm plant. Semi-sweet and light.

    The height of summer captured in a bottle, it's herbal freshness pairs very well with all summer fruits and summer salads. Also
    excellent with mediterranean spreads such as hummus and baba ganoush.



Mulberry Muse - limited edition

Mulberry Muse - limited editionA sweet Morat evocative of the rich fruit bouquet of mulberries blended with Wildflower Honey.

Capture the taste of summer any day of the year with this bold fruit forward mead. Excellent paired with spiced beef or pork, as well as savory stews and pastries. Luxurious from start to finish.

Mead postcardA

About the Meadery

We first began experimenting with meads (also known as honey wines) at Four Quarters in 2002. Drawing upon our commitment to sustainable living and the support of our membership we sought to create a cottage business to help support the monastery at Four Quarters. We take our mead-making very seriously and are continuously striving to improve our technique and the quality of our mead varieties. Because we create our wines in limited quantities as small batches, each batch receives tender, hand-crafted care. Four Quarters Meadery officially came into being when we received our Pennsylvania Limited Winery license in 2006, and we have not looked back since.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our varietals by phone at 814-784-3080 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Located at 190 Walker Lane in Artemas, PA. The meadery is open daily for tastings; please call ahead.

Our Mead Products


About Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary

We are an interfaith church and campground with an organic garden that supplies some food for the monastery's table. This commitment to local and sustainable agriculture is a part of our mead-making, too. We search out local suppliers wherever possible and purchase our ingredients without regard to cost.
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary exists to promote all of the world's Earth Based and Indigenous Spiritual Traditions. We are a church and retreat camp on 150 beautiful acres, a center for ecologically sustainable living, and a monastery; “The Community of Service at Four Quarters.”

We are open every day of the year and really do enjoy visitors, so feel free to call us and plan a visit. During the summer season you can visit our garden and orchard, sample our meads, swim in the river and take a tour through our retreat camp to visit our widely known Circle of Standing Stones.

Because Four Quarters is a non-profit organization, 100% of the profits from your purchases go towards sustaining the 150 acre tract of land that is the heart of Four Quarters, held in perpetual trust, and listed as the most ecologically diverse tract of land in Bedford County, Pennsylvania by the Western Pennsylvania Nature Conservancy.

Your support makes a real difference in preserving the land and our Interfaith Sanctuary. We hope you will have the satisfaction of helping to maintain this special and sacred place, while you enjoy our very special meads.

You have our deepest thanks. 

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