Our Product Line
Four Quaters Cottage Crafted Meads

        We take effort to create distinctive meads, each variety standing on it's own; an example of the type, yet each different from the others.  Our line is a collection of quality through variety and scope, and inspires mead afficianados to adopt different favorites.
        We slowly handcraft our mead in small batch lots, made with the finest  natural ingredients we can procure without regard to cost. We blend premium fruits, honeys and ciders with delicate spices and all natural flavors to yield the light yet rich tastes of our varieties.


Bed of Roses

Bed Of Roses
Our sweet dessert mead, made with delicate Niagara grape, essence of Rose, and Orange Blossom Honey.

Reminiscent of romantic nights bright with the shining light of the Moon, this sweet, aromatic mead is a lovely compliment to your special occasions. Best served well chilled, this wine is exceptional over ice with a slice of lemon, or paired with strong cheeses, spicy dishes and creamy desserts.


Dusky Vine

Dusky VineA dry, tannic yet aromatic mead, featuring the burgeoning dark flavors of Concord Grapes and Wildflower Honey.

As we re-visit a classic American grape, we incorporate a unique and daring perspective, creating a robust red table mead. Dusky Vine is a perfect compliment to grilled meats, eggplant and curry dishes.


Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset
A semi sweet mead for languorous Summer evenings. Made with succulent Raspberries and rich Wildflower Honey.

Summer - the time of languid evening gatherings on the porch. This bold fruit mead is perfect for sipping over ice, with light appetizers, salads, soft cheeses and just begs to be paired with rich chocolates.


Harvest Fruit Cyser

Harvest Fruit Cyser
Apple Cider and Wildflower Honey join to create a crisp, sweet cyser with a uniquely full-bodied nose.

As the night air grows crisp we gather 'round the fire with friends and family to celebrate the fullness of life's harvest. Toast to the changing of the season with this sweetly spiced libation, perfect with roast fowl and creamy dishes.

Warm Hearth

Warm Hearth
A Yuletide Mead made with mildly spiced Tea and Wildflower Honey. A Traditional English varietal, sophisticated and semi-dry.

Warm Hearth is the perfect mead for sharing cold nights by a warm fire with family and friends.  A versatile mead, it is excellent mulled, and pairs well with sharp cheeses, creamy sauces and seafood dishes.


Melissa's Garden

Melissas Garden crop   
A fragrant table metheglin crafted from Clover honey infused  with the lemony tea notes of the Lemon Balm plant. Semi-sweet and light.

    The height of summer captured in a bottle, it's herbal freshness pairs very well with all summer fruits and summer salads. Also
    excellent with mediterranean spreads such as hummus and baba ganoush.

Mulberry Muse - limited edition

Mulberry Muse - limited edition
A sweet Morat evocative of the rich fruit bouquet of mulberries blended with Wildflower Honey.

Capture the taste of summer any day of the year with this bold fruit forward mead. Excellent paired with spiced beef or pork, as well as savory stews and pastries. Luxurious from start to finish.