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Work Weekends at Four Quarters

 Memorial Day Weekend, Friday May 27 – Monday, May 30, 2016


    Our work weekends have been a real success and in the case of the new Dorm and Pavilion, absolutely essential to their construction. These projects could never have been completed without our Work Weekend Volunteers. If you have never worked with a crew before, you will be amazed at the human relationships that are formed, and how you come to know another person with genuine and real depth. It is in fact a form of spiritual practice. We keep the work schedule loose, so people can lend a hand where they feel they are a best fit, and that has worked well. We share our meals together, as a gift of The Starvin’ Artist, and we share much else besides.

    It all happens because of volunteers, so pick up a hammer, spatula or garden rake and join in. All skill levels are welcome and there is much to do. Tidy up the Drum Cicle, groom the woodlands, gandy dance 30 feet in the air on the roof rafters. Continue building the Labyrinth. Bring work gloves and boots. Any tools you think usefull. We supply a simple lunch and dinner for the work crews; courtesy of 'The Starvin Artist Cafe.'

    For information on our work weekend email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Members (and Guests!) Work Weekend 2016
Memorial Day, Friday May 27 – Monday, May 30

     Our Drum Circle is a popular place and a source of fine memories for many of us. In fact, the present Drum Circle is the product of a significant Members Fundraiser that took place almost 10 years ago and resulted in the present (mostly) level circle and arbors. In 2015, a number of Members took it upon themselves to organize a second fundraising effort benefiting the Drum Circle, which has been even more successful!
    This will be our working focus for the Memorial Day Members Weekend: landscaping, terracing and drainage for the Drum Circle and the adjacent areas. We will be laying in stockpiles of soil, gravel, drainage pipe and landscaping block, and in the days before, live-in staff will be doing the rough preparatory work. During the weekend, many hands will make light work of the actual wall building, grading and planting. We will be laying in landscaped terraces around the circle to expand seating and control drainage, with a particular focus on the firewood storage area. We will also be doing the same for the area in front of the Coffee Dragon.

     The Members Weekend is also the launch for our first Four Quarters Lecture, with Moon Service and a hot-dog and cole-slaw picnic. Given that Memorial Day is a three-day weekend, the lecture and picnic will likely be on Sunday, so stay tuned as particulars develop. There will be a few members workshops and perpetual morning coffee is a given, and kids’ hot chocolate too, if we can figure out how to keep them from stealing all the cream!

    We do hope you will join us in this Members initiative to improve our Drum Circle.