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Samhain at Four Quarters
Friday, October 28th - Sunday, October 30th , 2016
Samhain at Four Quarters: Spiraling Inward, we see the Past

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The Stones stand tall, holding vigil as night falls.
The Crypt is open, lit by candles and steeped in memory.

We stand together, in Circle, and we remember...

"I am not in heaven, I am here, hear me.
I am in you, feel me. I am of you, be me.
I am with you, see me. I am for you, need me.
I am all mankind; only through kindness will you reach me."
    -Richard Harris

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This Samhain, we take time to look into the events that affect us then, now, and when.

Our task this Samhain is to glimpse past the Veil. To spend time in the Otherworld. To touch the Sacred Space, meet with our Guides and Guardians, and, above all, learn about ourselves.

We will honor our dead Friday evening in the Circle of Standing Stones through the ritual of the Misa (Seance). If you wish, bring a small picture or a talisman of your own Beloved Dead to place on the Ancestors Altar. As is our Samhain tradition, the Burial Crypt will be open and alight.

Our work will include joining the crews at the Labyrinth to set more curbstones. For this living structure is a gateway into ourselves and the Otherworld. We welcome all to come participate in building and walking this 84 foot diameter labyrinth. To walk our labyrinth is to walk a purposeful path - no obstacles, no puzzles - inward to the center, then outward into the world.

For our children, we sponsor a Jack-o-Lantern carving. They will create the wards that will protect us as we journey in other realms.

On Saturday evening, after a sumptuous Feast with our Ancestors, we shall process to the Stone Circle, create Sacred Space, and attempt to Divine those things dearest to our Heart. There the Elements will assist us in our endeavor to see past the Veil. There we can meet our Sacred Guides. There we can learn of ourselves.

On Sunday morning, we share our farewells with the living and the dead;
we will bless where we have been, where we are now, and where we will be.

2016 Draft Schedule

7pm Opening Ceremony
9pm Spiritualist Seance

11am-4pm   Labyrinth Building and Consecration of the Work, with Jeff and Holly D'Angelo

11am-4pm   Divination Cafe at the Coffee Dragons

11am-1pm   Making Jack-O-Lanterns and Masks

12pm-2pm   Croning of the Debs'- Come Join us to celebrate the lives of Deb Chapman and Deb Herford as they embark on the next phase of their lives. Reception to follow.  Hosted by the Crones on the HIll

2pm-4pm    Hay Ride pick ups from the Cofee Dragons!  During our ride, we will observe the turning of the Wheel in how the Land has given its bounty throughout the Summer, and only the heartiest harvest is left.  We will gather anything left to harvest and bring it back to the Dining Pavillion.

4pm-5pm    Decorating the Ancestor Table- please feel free to bring your own memorabilia to incorporate

5pm            Feast of the Dead, at the Starvin' Artist

7pm           Face Painting, and Costume Parade with a Pinata for the children dressed in costume

8pm           Samhain Ceremony in the Stones

Follwed by: Dead Poet's Society at the Coffee Dragons

10am- Group Continental Breakfast

11am- Closing Ceremony

12pm   Cleanup

Interested in helping out? Please find us on the Community Forum under "Samhain Q&A"

Event Cost:
$35 for Members
$45 for Non-Members
To Register, visit our Shopping Cart by clicking here or call the Office: 814-784-3080

About Lodging at Four Quarters - A limited number of private rooms and bunks are available for rent. Rooms have double beds, blankets and pillows; Bunks have fitted sheets. During events rooms and bunks must be booked for the duration of the event; you must call the office 814-784-3080 for reservations.

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