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Since 1995 Four Quarters has maintained an active program of publications beginning with The Members Muse, our Membership Newsletter, and The Members Handbook covering life in the Camp.

In 1998 we began producing The Wheel of the Year Calendar, which in those days was printed on our office copier and bound by hand. It was just 8 pages, but we were mighty proud! Since then, the calendar has grown into a full 60+ page magazine filled with eco/green articles and significant calendrical information for the Earth Spiritual Community, along with our event listings. The center section opens to a monthly day planner and desk calendar, quite handy.

We print and distribute 12-15,000 free copies each year, and consider it to be an important part of our public service.
The Wheel of the Year and Members Handbook are both free for the asking, we would be happy to mail you your own copies.

Go directly to our online order page for Individual Copies

and place your order. (Its the quickest way)

Drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Provide your legal name, address info and we will mail them right out.

We have an active program supplying shops with 25 copy bundles of The Wheel of the Year Calendar.
If you have a favorite shop, show them your calendar and ask them to contact us for their own free bundle. Or order a bundle to give out to your friends.

Go directly to the
online Bulk Order Page

to order bundles of the Calendar for your store or group.

We do have an e-mail announcements list, that sends out approximately 6 times a year. Just click this Sign Up link  to be placed on our announcements list.

You should know that Four Quarters maintains its own secure web server running Apache under Linux. Our databases, email lists and discussion forums are all operated by Four Quarters, we use no third party services like Yahoo or MSN. Your data is safe and your e-mail address will never, ever be released by us to anyone.
Should you decide to op-out from our postal or e-mail listings, your request will be honored quickly and with a smile.



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Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an InterFaith Non-Denominational Church, Monastery and Spiritual Retreat Center.
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