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The Four Quarters Lecture Series -2017

    Older Members may recall that for two years in the mid-2000s, we offered a series of lectures during Moon Service Weekends. The series was dropped because we simply did not have the people power to do it in a good way. Since then the idea has been repeatedly discussed by the Board of Directors, but the issue has been how to squeeze a lecture series into an already packed schedule. The addition of The New Land and our new changes to the Moon Service schedule (along with a hat-tip to Eric Eldritch) have now made revisiting a lecture series possible.
     The Four Quarters Lecture Series four monthly lectures held on Moon Service weekends during our prime season, when there are no other major conflicts in the schedule. These are university level talks held in the Main Pavilion or Cliffside Stage on Saturday from 12 to 3:30pm, with full A/V support. They will include a talk, followed by Q&A, light refreshments and a Meet & Greet for attendees. Moon Service dinner and Moon Service are a part of the evening. We hope to create the perfect low-impact getaway to Four Quarters, so that you can be a part of the weekend too!

May 27 ~ In the Real-Time Matrix... Big Data Watches You with Orren P. Whiddon
     An amazing new development of the past two years is the rise of what is being called “Big Data Psychometrics” in the American electoral process. Cambridge Analytica (SCL Group) serves exclusively far right clients, is generally credited with the success of the Brexit campaign in Britain and is heavily involved in the resurgent nationalist politics of France. Their stunning success in delivering the American presidential campaign of 2016 is a harbinger of the future.
     Orren is founder of Four Quarters and an increasingly alarmed observer of global changes in climate, technology, and the influence of large corporations in American culture and politics.

June 24 ~ Astronomy in Earth Religious Practice with Rosanna E. Tufts   
    Many astronomers object to astrology on grounds that “the planets aren’t in the real astrology signs.” Which is true, thanks to the Precession of the Equinoxes: the planets’ actual locations in the sky are 24 degrees behind where the ephemeris says they should be.
   Unless . . . you study Vedic astrology, the system from India called “Jyotish,” the Science of Light! Vedic astrology has always used the sidereal zodiac: Same signs, different timing. So if the Spring Equinox doesn’t line up with Aries anymore (and hasn’t for centuries), how do you tap into that Aries energy -- and if not at the Equinox, then when? Learn the language of the seven visible planets (plus eclipses) so you can understand the cosmic energies at play at any given time. I’ll be bringing my telescope -- Jupiter and Saturn will be visible that night, so stick around after the Moon Service! (which will be New Moon in Gemini.)
   Rosanna, who has been coming to Four Quarters events since the very first Stones Rising in 1995, is a Jyotisha certified by the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science (graduated in 2013). As a Vedic astrologer, she mediates between the confusion of the person and the clarity of Spirit. Through this practice, she has become a specialist in Eclipse Magick.

July 22 ~ Religion and Social Inequality with C. Lynn Carr
     C. Lynn Carr, a sociologist at Seton Hall University, discusses the relationship between religion and social inequality, especially regarding social class in the United States.
Can religion influence economic behavior and socioeconomic status?  How might socioeconomic status influence one’s religious behavior or beliefs? How is one’s position of privilege or lack there-of, related to one’s theology?

September 16 ~ Water Protecting at Standing Rock: the blueprint for the Revolution with Genevieve Houck
    Genevieve spent over four months at the Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp in Cannonball, ND. She will discuss the spiritual and cultural motivations of the water protectors engaging in non-violent direct action against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Genevieve, who resides in Pittsburgh, PA, received the call from Spirit last Samhain, and with the encouragement of our 4Q family, embarked on this life-changing spiritual path in support of our Earth and indigenous brothers and sisters.


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