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Yule and Winter Solstice: From the Darkness Comes the Light
A Solstice Celebration, Gift Exchange and Scrumptious Yuletide Feast!

Friday, December 16th - Sunday, December 18th, 2016

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What is the Reason for the Season?

In this, the Darkest time of the Year, we Gather Together to Keep the Light Alive...

Take a moment to think about what Brings Light into your Life...and how you might Share that Light with Others. It's a time to be Grateful for what we have, and to share our Light with others by Giving without the expectation of return...by doing so you are Gifted in return!

By sharing those warm feelings of thankfulness with each other we celebrate the warmth of the rebirth of the sun...and the Return of the Light...



2016 Schedule
Friday, December 16
12 - 7 pm: Gathering Time - Office and Loft
Share a Cup of Welcome and catch up with Friends, Old and New
7 - 8 pm: Sharing our Traditions - Office
Join us as we Share special Traditions and Memories from our Homes and Hearths.
8 - 10 pm: Bardic Story and Song Time - Loft
A time to share Tales and Songs of the Winter Holiday Season. Bring your favorite stories and songs!
10 pm: Loft Quiet Time
Saturday, December 17
9 am: Potluck Breakfast - Loft
Share Goodies with each other as we welcome the start of the day
10 am: Holiday Crafts - Office
 Join us to make Take-Home Tokens to symbolize the holiday. A work of service by Robin and Toni.
12 pm: Wassail Procession Around the Land - Main and New Camps, weather permitting
Join us as we Bless the Land's Sacred Spaces 
NEW: 2 pm: The Cookie Sharing Exchange - Office
Bring in your favorite holiday cookies/treats and exchange them for someone else's favorite! Fill a sandwich-sized ziploc bag and exchange for another kind of cookies to bring home...or to eat right then!  
NEW: 3 pm: The "Ugly Holiday Sweater" Celebration - Office
Dress up in your funniest holiday outfit...an 'Ugly Sweater' is not necessary, all funny holiday apparel is welcome! Don't have any funny holiday clothes? Come anyway and enjoy everyone's outfits!
 4:30 pm: Sunset Bonfire - Office Plaza
Join us to say Farewell to the Sun on this Shortest Day, and light a Yule Log to keep the Light Shining.
5:00 pm: From the Darkness Comes the Light - Office
 Join us as we Celebrate the Reason for the Season. A work of service by Kit.
 ~ 6 pm: The FEAST! - Kitchen and the Office
Enjoy the Fruits of Nature and the Labor of our fellow Tribemates...and be sure to Give Thanks! A work of service by Jon, Jessica and the Kitchen Krew!
7:30 pm: The Gift Exchange - Loft
 Give a Gift to another; receive a Gift from someone. And of course, there is a catch...
9:30 pm: Settle in for a Long Winter's Nap
Freeform Chat and Chill time in the Loft
10:30 pm: Quiet Time in the Loft
Sunday, December 18
9 am: Potluck Breakfast Leftovers
10 am: Thanks and Farewells!
Wish each other a Happy Holiday Season, and Safe Travels!
(Note: all times are approximate and subject to change. Please check the info boards in the Office and Loft for updates)
The Wheel has Turned: the Harvest has ended and Frost covers the Land. The Days have grown Short and the Nights Long and cold. Remember that the Wheel does Turn, and soon the Sun's Light will once again warm our faces. Join us to Celebrate the Rebirth of the Sun. Exchange Gifts of Love and Laughter, Bless the Land and each Other, and Share food with the Community.

Now is the time we Gather around the Hearth,  drink warm Cider, count our Blessings, and Share our Blessings with others. We Celebrate the Return of the Light in the Heart of Darkness.

What can you bring?

- If you would like to participate in the Gift-Giving exchange, please bring a small wrapped gift (~$10) to share. Regifting is welcome! 
- Our Breakfast Potlucks are dependent upon donations:  please bring a store-bought item to share. 

        Members $35, Guests $45 
        R.S.V.P. if you please. 
        A call or email is required for Bunk or Private Room acomodations, as they are limited. $10 per night for bunks, $70 for a private room for the weekend.

        Register On-Line
        Feel free to call ahead with questions,   814-784-3080.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Children under 16 are loved, cherished and free.

The Weather? Sometimes cold, sometimes not. Dress warmly, our Yule Ceremonies are often outside if the weather cooperates. Check back here a few days before for the final schedule and location!
The Gift Exchange is easy. Just bring a small wrapped gift for your fellow Tribemates. It can be something you made, something you buy, or something you would like to pass along. (suggested price range: ~$10 or less...the intent is more important than the item!)

We will have ample heated sleepover space for all, allocated on first come-first serve. Please, do RSVP or register online if you will be staying over. Just bring your bedding, your warm clothing, something for the little donation box if you can spare it, but mostly let your heart come to Four Quarters for Yule.

We are closer than you think, 100 miles and less than 2 hours from Baltimore-Washington Beltways. About 2 hours from State College, Pitt's, Harrisburg and Harrisonburg VA, 3 hours from Philly and Wilmington, about 6 hours from NYC, Columbus and Cinn. OH.



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