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Body Tribal 2017
Friday, August 11th - Sunday, August 13th 2017



In years past, Body Tribal has been a celebration of the sacred mark. As we all know, marks can take many forms: tattoos and piercings to accentuate the body, testing our minds using sensory deprivation, and pushing our physical limits with the Altars of Challenge. In 2015 we would like to focus on our bodies and minds

Perception is a tool we use more often than we can count on a daily basis to be able to interact and navigate through the struggles and challenges of life.

Imagine if the tools that we use to perceive were muted or taken away for a short time. How would the world and life be without the basic senses that we were born with? We would learn new ways to live and function, adapt our bodies’ remaining senses so that we could continue to live, learn, and enjoy life.

Our challenge this year will be to go deep within ourselves and find one thing that we think we couldn’t live without, whether it be sight, hearing, speech, touch, or movement, and try living life differently, if only for just a moment.


Inside the Stone Circle we set up our village, build our weekend homes, and spend time together as a tribe. Of course if you prefer to set up your home for the weekend in another place, feel free; there are many places on the land that offer privacy and seclusion. Our challenges shall take place in the Upper Drum Circle, as will our festivities and celebrations, including the Shapeshifters Ball where we take a moment to be who we want to be on the outside. Dress as you wish: are you from an 18th century ball, possibly a fairy, zombie, business man or woman, or do you wish to be a vison of evil from the depths of a dark abyss...it’s up to you!


Body Tribal is not just about outer marks like tattooing and piercing.  It is also about inner marks, the ones that send us careening away from our paths, those that jolt us back onto the path and those that take us to the crossroads so that we can more clearly choose our way.  It is about the marks left by life and death, sorrow and joy.  It is about recognizing and celebrating our inner marks, whatever they may be.

Join us as we abandon the complexities of Western civilization and become one Tribe.  Turn with as one Tribe, to the Elements--the most basic influences of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water--for initiation so that we may find clarity and direction, and so recognize and realize our marks.  It will be up to you to determine whether or not your marks will be physical, like paint or tattoo or piercing, of if yours are inner marks, leaving you to lend support lend support to others if you need a visible mark.

Join us as we, as one Tribe, set up camp in the Stone Circle.  Come to our Shapeshifter's Ball, where, as costumed mysteries, we begin our weekend journey.



Pre-registration (by August 5th)
Members: $75
Guests: $95

Gate Registration:
Thursday / Friday Arrival: $110
Saturday Arrival: $90

Register for Body Tribal 2017 at our Online Registration Cart.

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